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A quiet and uneventful night on watch for Will as he sat at the nav table at 6am completing the log, when suddenly a flying fish flew through the open porthole above the table, slithered across the charts and flapped its way across the saloon floorboards! Not what either Will or the fish was expecting! We found another five dead fish on the decks in the morning, so we were obviously hit by a shoal/swarm/ school(?) of flying fish overnight. Today’s photo shows a re-enactment of the scene!

About 6 inches long, big Nemo fish eyes and pretty smelly, they also shed scales everywhere, so not the favourite sealife that we’ve come across.

Big swells, decent blue skies and a consistent 20 kt wind for our last full day on BV – we should arrive at Rodney Bay between 4-6pm tomorrow evening.

Jonathan had just begun a spell at the wheel this afternoon when all control of the wheel disappeared and BV came up on the wind. Robert had suspected the steering cables were loose/stretched, and this was the starboard side cable wearing away and breaking. We switched to autopilot (which operates from a different steering system to the cables on the wheels) so continued to make way whilst Rob & Will worked out a solution. Using a flexible batten from one of the lee cloth arrangements and a length of dynema rope the damaged section of cable was removed and replaced by the rope. This should enable us to make way from the finish line to the marina tomorrow and to park up. All a bit stressful as the situation unfolded but we got there in the end!

Last blog tomorrow – those large beers in frosted glasses are getting closer. Karen’s ideal supper tomorrow night – seared scallops & lobster, although frankly anything if she doesn’t have to cook it!




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