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Olympia's Tigress - Olympia's Tigress - Blog 7 - Approaching St Lucia and taking stock

Blog 7 - approaching St Lucia and taking stock

We have been swiftly and safely guided to St Lucia by warm winds fluctuating around 20 knots for the last 4 days or so. The swell has kept at around 3m, allowing us to surf westward on wide, deep blue rollers, rocking this way and that, mostly predictably. But as with all ocean adventures I'm swiftly learning the sea is never predictable. The odd rogue wave will smack us out of nowhere, a few soaked yelps from off-watch as cool salt water pours over the bow and into the bunks, usually accompanied by comically delayed "wave" warning by the helms-person. Many of us have taken to sleeping on deck as the temperature rises; which has of course been a little perilous with the rogues and rollers. A peacefully snoozing Marty has performed several perfectly unconscious log-rolls into the pit, much to the surprise of the unsuspecting driver, who has been attempting to navigate a moonless sea. The shrieks and laughter, whilst needing to regain full control of Olympia's Tigress, have kept things lively for sure.

As the sun peaked above the horizon one morning a few days ago it became clear that our main sail had developed a horizontal tear along an old repair site. We quickly and efficiently flipped the jib and dropped the mainsail and secured the boom with preventers on both sides. The manoeuvre was slick and pain-free, it made me realise how far we'd come as a team, quietly and effectively working in our positions. As the sun continued to rise and drench the sky in pink and gold, deft-handed Susan and Cath carefully repaired the tear with a needle and thread and the crew ensured tea and breakfast was delivered to sustain energy levels. It was a great demonstration of teamwork and made me feel so proud to be part of it.

With less than 250 miles to go it's been a good time to take stock of the last 20 or so days. The routine of the watches, the management of the boat like a little well-oiled machine, crew naturally slotting into roles based on strengths and pulling their weight, whilst the helming and skippering has been tireless and uncomplaining. It's all made this possible. I have goosebumps as I write... I still cant believe we will have done this... sailed our little boat across a vast ocean to another continent. Through squalls and calm, sun and rain, light and dark; the dichotomy of this adventure is ever clear in all our minds. Without the tough times it would be impossible to appreciate the good. It's been epic and unforgettable and I am grateful of it all. Thank you Team Tigress, all of you, for your diversity and at the same time for your unity. 24hrs and we will have achieved this awesome feat.

Kat Suchet - On board blogger


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