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Rhumb - Day 19 - The Last Lap

A rather contemplative log as we close in on St Lucia.

Having been out here alone for so long, paths now begin to merge as the remaining yachts make their final approaches to their destination. Thoughts turn to returning to some sense of normality once the euphoria and celebrations subside.

It is only at this point that as an individual you begin to take in what you have managed to achieve. Apparently, more people have climbed Everest than have sailed across the Atlantic.

Nearly three weeks ago now, feelings for us all began with anticipation, excitement, trepidation, and yes, a touch of fear at times. Excitement remains, but is now accompanied by a sense of wonderment, a sense of awe too, when you contemplate the sheer magnitude of it all as you look up at the night sky, but are then swiftly drawn back to earth with an ocean that demands your respect. It is quite a humbling experience all things considered.

Achieving this with great buddies needs to be recognised too. 50 years ago when Brian and I were school chums, never in a million years years would we have thought we would have done this together. It is just so sad and disappointing that David was not able to join us, as he too has been a lifelong friend, and who has really made this possible. For his commitment to see this through and his continuing trust in us to get Rhumb across, we cannot tank him enough.

Ian and Tim have played a massive part too, so we are all thankful for the blessing of friendship and camaraderie.

Thanks must also go to Brian for his sterling work in leading the planning, preparation, and skippering of the voyage so well. Even being able to take so much stick from a quite mutinous crew at times has to be admired.

To our families at home, we thank them for their support and commitment to making this happen. Our friends too who we know have been with us all the way. We are humbled and thankful.

A big round of applause too, must go to the ARC itself. The organisation has been second to none with masses of information, guidance, communication and general support. All very much appreciated by this crew, and we are sure by many others.

Last, but not least we thank Rhumb for getting us across safely. She is a great sailing boat showing her tender years at times, but a safe and secure home for 3 quite remarkable weeks.

For those contemplating doing it - do not hesitate. It is quite an adventure, and as a good buddy of mine would say - "you're only here once, so make the most of it"!

From subaltern Gray, just a quick thank you to all of you who have followed our progress, supported us and have given generously to our charities. Thank you so much. A big thank you to David Barber for letting us sail his boat on this amazing journey, and finally Brian, toasty tea wallah, for being our skip.

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