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Talanta - Log Day 7: Changing rudder and gybing towards Saint Lucia

For a few days we have been flying on a starboard tack. Wind easying a bit and boat speed last day was down to 10 knots. Felt like we were standing still!
But the time for a gybe were approaching as the weather forecast indicated a shift in the wind from 70 degress to 90. Due to the broken rudder on starboard side we cannot sail on the port tack. So when we finally had to gybe, to avoid ending up in Florida, we also had to switch the rudders. Moving the working port rudder to the starboard side.
It is indeed a risky thing to do, removing the rudder in the middle of the Atlantic. But the trick was to mount an M8 screw at the top of the rudder stock with a line attached to it. Then removing the rudder head and dropping the whole rudder down into the ocean. Then getting the line from outside and picking up the rudder. With a total stopping time of 2.5 hours including bringing down and up the sails, we are now up to speed on a port tack! Full main and grand spi we are again making some 10 to 13 knots in a light breeze!
Great work from everyone onboard and now we are flying towards Saint Lucia, the reggae and the Rhum!
/Mikael, Skipper.


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