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Talanta - Log Day 4: Chasing squalls, dancing the waves and a broken rudder

The last days has continued with a mix of squalls, sunshine and winds around 20 knots, topping at 28 knots of wind in the squalls. To keep up the speed we have been chasing squalls, trying to get closer to them to enjoy dancing the waves in 18 knots.
Yesterday evening we’d just made a gybe, heading west-north-west och life at sea were really rocking. A beautiful sunset, boat was flying at 18 knots with a light hand at the tiller. Just finding a smooth way among the waves to minimize the spray of water. A few of the crew were taken a shower (which means using sea water from a bucket) when suddenly something hit the starboard rudder and it became very hard to steer.
Quickly we brought down the sails and examined what had happened. No damages to the hull or the port rudder, nor the steering mechanincs under deck. But the starboard rudder were badly damaged. The lower one third were hanging and flapping in the water. We managed to remove the loose part and set the jib again and continued sailing. But soon the remaining part of the rudder also started to delaminate. Now sailing only with the jib, making some 5 to 6 knots.
/Mikael, Skipper.

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