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Northern Child - Blog Day 11

Northern Child Day 11
What do you think of the music ?
Well I don't really know. I am not listening other than to the snuffling of the sails and the splash of the waves.
On a voyage you must be able to switch off, appreciate the nothingness of the ocean and not have any feeling of restlessness and ennui.
This is not easy for some people.
Yet it is important to try and reach some sort of contentment and strike a bargain with the at times harsh and difficult conditions.
The Watch is the basic tenet, code and foundation of life on board.
First look after yourself, not from selfishness, but because if you do not you will become a burden to others.
Secondly look after your watch, then look after the other watch and finally the "Officers".
Everyone is getting along and looking after each other so far.
The 2 AM till 6 AM watch today was hard with only two able to keep awake at any one time but we got through it.
Caught a Dorado, a reasonable size maybe 8kg and about 2 feet long, dispatched in the traditional compassionate sailor's manner with rum in the gills and a caressing stroking along the length of its back.
Northern Child is carrying some injuries and cannot be pushed too hard.
Weather is fair, sea state slight and we continue to zig and zag like a crooked arrow to the West.
Paulito the Sage.

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