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Easy Rider - 27/11 Cabin Boy's Log - ... what day is it?

Aboard the good ship Easy Rider,
A mis-fitted crew sat inside her.
With half way just nailed,
The Atlantic they sailed,
An Easterly blowing behind her.

The captain Dave wanted to win,
So they set every sail to begin.
Along came a squall,
And pissed on them all,
And left them all needing a GIN!

At sundown they needed to think,
So a bottle of gin they did sink.
A fish flew in side,
A hatch open wide,
And landed right into Soy's drink!

So dinner was flying fish stew,
After which Neil had a poo.
So massive a dump,
It ruined the pump,
And totally messed up the loo!

With rods and lines set to succeed,
Some fresh fish they really did need.
The rod bent up double,
And with toil and trouble,
They pulled in a HUGE bit of weed!

With no fish to eat only meat,
And really in need of a treat,
A cake was supplied,
Which Max stuffed inside,
The rest left with nothing to eat.

Just 800 miles on the screen,
And many more squalls to be seen.
Caribbean here we come,
To have lots of fun,
And get pissed in the tropical scene...

(dedicated to Robyn, Easy Rider's remote weather and recipe service)

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