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Easy Rider - Easy Rider.....Head Chef.....Soy


On impulse I decided that a little treat was in order for the crew.....they had been hankering for a rice pudding and...hey how difficult could that be? Had all ingredients bar pudding rice - cooking rice stuck me as a suitable substitute.
Got a recipe that was idiot proof...or so it purported....threw ingredients together in 10 mins flat..banged in a low oven for 2 hours and felt very very smug.

slight hickup as Max accidently turned off the gas but as will be revealed that was not entirely a bad thing.

Turned the gas back on and added a bit more milk as the pudding looked a bit dry. well parched to be honest.
After a little rest had a peek and the rice had fused into a solid mass and all the milk (2 litres) had vanished....ah well I thought we will have rice cakes! That inspiration was shattered when I couldn'd make any impact on the chipping away at super glue. But I persevered and after much bashing managed to crack the pudding into little grey lumps.

Needs a bit more milk I thought! Another litre should do it.....managed to smash the grey lumps a bit and hide them (rather cunningly) under the milk. Perfect...smelled like the granny's rice pudding...turned it off after about 1/2 hour as I certainly didn't want to overcook this again...

The moment of truth arrivied.....I proudly carried my offering to the table (Jeez it certainly looked homemade- a few imperfections insured it had been made by my own fair hand). When I said 'Dig in boys!' that was meant in a literal sense.....dead silence and I waited for comments.
Neil said 'Oh Soy, you forgot to put shrimps in the paella!
However...all is not lost! My pudding has extraordinary adhesive qualities. One could use it for patching up the boat or medicinally to bind up loose bowells.

For any of you interested, I would be delighted to share this recipe with you. And the good thing it is, you only have to cook for 7 hours to acheive perfect results!


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