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Tal Lira - 5 Nov: Day 4 s/v Tal'Lira 250nm to go!

Hi all! thanks for your congratulations on my birthday! Carole Dane, has her birthday on the same day as me (Pauline) and she is with Stepano and Cat and Dog on the way as well to Abacos, we have to wait to open
the bottle of champagne, because she turned 50 and she thinks it's a special moment of time, so we wait as well with the bubbles.
It was a boisterous night (and day) for sure. and now it gets light, we can sail hopefully the whole day! It is strange to think that we will be in blue waters again in a day or two!! We figured out to arrive in the
morning at Abacos and plan to take the west entrance, because the Notherly winds and waves make it impossible to enter straight in to Green Turtle Cay.. We will see.

We had contact with fellow sailors, and Morning Haze is also doing well! Hope to get on internet soon, so we can follow life the track of the others and make bets who arrives first!!

Have a great day! P&P

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