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Lady Ann - Peperoni Albercore

24/05/2013 13:42 UTC
pos: 38* 18.5 N 38*50.1W
DTD: 466nm

The excitement of surfing down waves and flying across the ocean with 10
knots is -unfortunately- over; the wind has dropped or is almost head
on. This means that another rhythm on the Lady Ann kicks in. First, the
decreasing swell allows cleaning and freshening up the boat. After the
heat of Bermuda, it is quite nice to wake up with hatches wide open, a
gust of fresh air and the sound of cresting waves. Next, together with
the fixed autopilot, the roaring Steyr diesel engine provides time and
freedom to read and converse more.

Thankfully, nature provided us with other excitement instead of wind:
dolphins are joining us regularly. But it got even better: after
spotting whales (!) yesterday, new fishing tactics finally paid off this
sunny morning.

Although some were sceptic and referred to the method as "inland
fishing", we hooked the lure up with some freshly baked bacon. After a
few minutes, the first fish could not resist and took a bite. After a
short but fierce fight, it managed to escape. Disappointment could not
prevent us for having another try, this time with a piece of baked
pepperoni. And yes, success! We heaved in a 10 kg Albacore tuna!

In close cooperation, the crew took care of the fish, ending up with
beautiful filets of fresh tuna. Now, we can't wait for dinner!


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