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Lady Ann - High spirits, high seas

17/05/2013 22:00 UTC
pos: 36*14.8 61*23.8

High spirits, high seas

Two days ago we left Bermuda. Heading: Azores. Some repairs were delayed
by overactive customs officials so it was quiet a race to be ready in
time. But, thanks to the combined efforts of some freshly arrived crew
and the seasoned lads from the last leg we managed to get ready with
only a couple of hours delay.

Now we are full at sea. No doubt about that. The first 24 hours we've
been heading north searching for wind. And wind we found! Together with
the wind came the seas. With 25 knots from behind we are surfing down
four meter swells, straight to the Azores.

This is how sailing supposed to be. Friends, lots of fun and the
beautiful sea. No autopilot but we couldn't care less: now we've got the
whole playing ground for our selves.

20130517_crew bermuda_azores

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