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Lady Ann - FW: What a difference a day makes...

08/05/2013 (21:00 UTC)

How radical can the looks and behavior of the ocean change in 24 hours.
Take for example yesterday, from windless warmth in the morning we went
through one of the heavier, longer and funkier front passage with
squalls I have ever experienced. The rain was so thick and heavy that it
flattened out the seas completely, gusts of wind came from every
direction, increasing from 3 to 35 knots in seconds. This mayhem did not
continue for a normal 20 minutes but for more than one and a half hour
with all four crew members in the cockpit, wearing swim shorts and foul
weather jackets, struggling and singing along in the ankle deep water
that came down more rapidly than the water holes could carry away. All
of us sincerely happy with the boat, the surroundings and each other.
And with the fact that we had dropped the genaker in time, also that...

After the rain we woke up in a different world. The temperature had
dropped and foul weather gear was kept close. We had apparently sailed
out of the warm stream. Bye bye Caribbean waters, hello North Atlantic!

From here on it has been a spectacular fast race, straight to Bermuda.
Last night offered a flat downwind which was utilized through a poled
out jib. The Lady Ann comfortably surfing down waves, tipping 10 knots
every now and then. This morning the wind had backed to a gentle South
East 15 knots so it was time to hoist the Red Beast again: our reaching
genaker. A beautiful sailing morning indeed! Sunny and fast, just how it
is supposed to be.

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