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HavAnna arrive in Saint Lucia
HavAnna arrive in Saint Lucia 16/12/2016

Welcome to Sea Change
Welcome to Sea Change 16/12/2016

Ennis del Mar arrive in Rodney Bay
Ennis del Mar arrive in Rodney Bay 16/12/2016

Woo hoo Welcome to Binkertoo
Woo hoo Welcome to Binkertoo 16/12/2016

Cheers to the crew of Delfini
Cheers to the crew of Delfini 16/12/2016

Freedom arrive in Saint Lucia
Freedom arrive in Saint Lucia 16/12/2016

New Deal Arrive
New Deal Arrive 16/12/2016

Solskinn arrival in Saint Lucia
Solskinn arrival in Saint Lucia 16/12/2016

Wilma's skipper welcomed by his family
Wilma's skipper welcomed by his family 13/12/2016

Il Cavaliere reach Rodney Bay
Il Cavaliere reach Rodney Bay 13/12/2016

Catching up at the Boardwalk Bar
Catching up at the Boardwalk Bar 13/12/2016

Hanging out to dry
Hanging out to dry 13/12/2016

The penguin crew of Hina
The penguin crew of Hina 13/12/2016

Welcome to Scarabaus
Welcome to Scarabaus 13/12/2016

Nightime arrival of Endorphine II
Nightime arrival of Endorphine II 13/12/2016

Welcome to Christine
Welcome to Christine 13/12/2016

Welcome to White Satin
Welcome to White Satin 13/12/2016

Arrival of Marlene
Arrival of Marlene 13/12/2016

Welcoming Wilma
Welcoming Wilma 13/12/2016

Oyster Reach happy to arrive
Oyster Reach happy to arrive 10/12/2016

Calypso's arrival
Calypso's arrival 10/12/2016