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Ensemble - Day 116 (Thursday 3 May 2012): More Moorea...

Greetings from yacht Ensemble.

We arrived in Moorea, Cooks Bay on Tuesday 1 May, after a leisurely motor from Taina Bay marina. No wind, but the first bright and sunny day for a week.

Peter and Carmen had arrived from Sydney on the Wednesday (25th) - and it had rained ever since. They went on a very wet tour of the island while I stayed on the boat and started to work down the long 'fix it' list.

Laurent was a great help - and we made good progress on the tasks including servicing the generator, repairing the dive compressor, and cleaning the boat. Unfortunately we were not able to get a rigger to help fix the mast head roller, and the outboard engine repair guys from Honda, while they got the engine running, were not able to fix it so it idles. While the Taina Marina was wonderful - and the service great - we decided we better get moving with so many other islands to see - so we left on May Day. Laurent provided us with a contact in Raiatea and we hopefully will get the rigging and outboard sorted there.

The girls loved the shopping in Papeete - with sarongs and table cloths - as well as great food and wine from Carrefour.

We took a drive around the island on Sunday to see the waterfall - and check out MacDonalds. Unfortunately there was no water at MacDonals - and too much water (pouring rain) on the waterfall... but we enjoyed a good road trip.

Cook's Bay was beautiful. The first night we anchored at the head of the bay. We decided to BBQ 'Cote de Boef' - and were joined by Bernie from the Glamarous Galah - and polished off a few bottles. The digestive of choice is Baileys and Lemonchelo. Good time had by all. The dodgy outboard made the trip back to GG to drop Bernie off a little bit of a challenge - but with the help of the oars we eventually made it back to Ensemble.

The good news is that we bought a small spare outboard (5HP) in Papeete - so we can at least get around even if it is a bit slow. We spent yesterday swapping the outboards over - and used it to motor around to Gunvor for a sundowner. We had seared tuna for dinner - yum yum (tuna from Carrefour).

This morning we motored around to Opunoha Bay (where Cook really anchored). Lovely clear water - and great snorkelling. Saw a couple of Eagle Rays - and lots of bright coloured fish.

This evening we will overnight to Raiatea so we can get the repairs to the outboard done.



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