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World ARC 2018 and Niue Tourism Centre . 24/05/2018

After departing Bora Bora almost two weeks ago, the “little fleet” encountered some challenging weather en route to Suwarrow however by the time the fleet arrived, the skies had cleared and Bijou was the first to enter this paradise atoll. Suwarrow forms part of the Cook Islands and was the home of famous castaway Tom Neale, a man who lived as a hermit for 25 years on Suwarrow and author of the book “An island to oneself”.This stopover is a favourite amongst World ARC participants every year with phenomenal snorkelling, abundant wildlife - enormous rays of various colours and sun downers with friends in one of the most remote places in the world. Leaving paradise is always difficult and after 72 hours our fleet continued their adventure of 540 miles to Niue.Niue, is an amazing island and... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe departs Bermuda: The Atlantic Awaits!. 16/05/2018

The 2nd leg of ARC Europe 2018 is now underway as 27 boats and just over 100 crew departed beautiful Bermuda bound for Horta, Faial in the... Click here for more info..

Parahi, nana - Bora Bora. 16/05/2018

With pearls in their pockets, colorful fishes filling the camera roll and hearts bursting with lovely Polynesian experiences, the World ARC... Click here for more info..

Rally prizes awarded for the first leg of ARC Europe. 14/05/2018

On Sunday evening, over 130 crew members from the 30 ARC Europe boats in St. Georges assembled at the Dinghy Club to enjoy an evening of... Click here for more info..

Swash buckling and re-fuelling in Bermuda. 13/05/2018

The ARC Europe programme continues in full swing here in Bermuda. Starters from both Nanny Cay and Portsmouth were all safely moored in good... Click here for more info..

First arrivals in Bermuda. 10/05/2018

Greeted by cool breezes, crystal clear waters, and the VHF call of Bermuda Radio, the first boats of ARC Europe 2018 have begun to make... Click here for more info..

Pearl of the Pacific. 10/05/2018

Black pearls, blue grey pearls, rounds pearls, peg pearls, pearls, pearls and more pearls. These islands are full of beautiful pearls and it... Click here for more info..

Off to Bermuda!. 06/05/2018

ARC Europe 2018 has set off towards Bermuda! Yesterday morning excitement was buzzing around the docks as crews made any final preparations... Click here for more info..

Keeping busy in Nanny Cay. 03/05/2018

Yesterday was demonstration day at Nanny Cay Marina. Flares and liferafts demonstrations took place all morning with a good attendance of... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe 2018 is open for business!. 01/05/2018

Early yesterday morning the ARC Europe flag was hoisted up the flagpole on the breakwater marking the official opening of the ARC Europe... Click here for more info..

Tahiti Rendezvous. 30/04/2018

French Polynesia captivates all who sail her sparkling blue waters. In addition to the stunning natural landscapes, and excellent sailing... Click here for more info..

Saint Lucia Welcomes the Return of World ARC Circumnavigators. 09/04/2018

Saturday, 7th April saw the conclusion of World ARC 2017-18 back where it all began in Saint Lucia with jubilant crews celebrating the... Click here for more info..

Looking to live the bluewater dream?. 05/04/2018

Bluewater Weekend 16-17 June 2018 Lymington, UKNow in it's fifth year, the WCC team have joined together once again with leading... Click here for more info..

Marquesan Feast for the World ARC fleet in Nuku Hiva. 31/03/2018

After arriving in Hiva Oa, the fleet has enjoyed free cruising The Marquesas Islands, visiting the Bay of Virgins in Fatu Hiva, Pinnacles in... Click here for more info..

Pure Grenada, spice of the Caribbean . 27/03/2018

After spending nearly a month in Brazil stopping in Salvador and Cabedelo, the fleet sailed 2088NM North crossing the equator for the 2nd... Click here for more info..

Making landfall in picturesque Hiva Oa is a sailor's dream. 19/03/2018

Making landfall in picturesque Hiva Oa is a sailor's dream. The longest leg of their circumnavigation,2956.263 nautical miles, Lunatix was... Click here for more info..

Landfall on the Horizon - Hiva Oa . 14/03/2018

The World ARC Fleet 2018 are only days away from finishing the longest leg of their circumnavigation.The fleet will have sailed... Click here for more info..

Peaceful Jacare . 08/03/2018

On their way for the rendez-vous in Jacare Marina Village in Cabedelo the 10 World ARC boats sailed together from Salvador for a 3 days up... Click here for more info..

Colourful Salvador . 08/03/2018

A little bit more than 1 year after the World ARC fleet was in South America leaving the Panama Canal behind them they were on their way... Click here for more info..

Finally back in the Atlantic! . 08/03/2018

After nearly 6 weeks free cruising in South Africa sailing from Richards Bay to the V&A in Cape Town stopping on the way to East London,... Click here for more info..