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Southern Cross
Owner Stephen Spracher
Design Lagoon 380 S2
Length Overall 11 m 55 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

2005 Lagoon 380 S2

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Southern Cross - Update

Yesterday afternoon we saw a whale just off the bow. I think we scared it because as we went past where it came out, there was a stain in the water. It only came out of the water a little, however it was only 10 meters from the boat. After it went back under, we didn't see it again. Still, very cool. Also yesterday, Steve hooked a sailfish, it got off the hook, but he did see it jump. We had some good rain last night, but not enough wind to speak of. David. read more...


Southern Cross - Thirsty

Hi Everyone.I got up this morning preparing for our equatorial celebration and realized we didn't have any water. Steve was on the helm and he checked the pump. It was running. We checked the port side bilge, and it was nearly full. So we commenced to pulling every up floor boards and bunks until we found the fresh water hose at the water heater had come undone. The hose was secured, water maker turned on and with two minutes remaining, we prepared our drinks in time to toast our equatorial crossing. Our beverage was rum with fruit mixture and some sparkling wine. We had our drinks and gave some to Neptune so he wouldn't wouldn't get poopy pants. We did not have time to put on our complete costumes, but the day isn't over. From what I understand, in the sailing community we are no longer. read more...


Southern Cross - Flamenco Marina

Hi Everyone!We are establishing the blog email/update/information site. If you don't have a problem reading our blog, you have just become our designated driver. We can not send photos, however, Chris will update photos when we let her.David PS This does not represent the views of the entire crew, only me. I'm Just Diff'rent.. read more...


Southern Cross - April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012So two weeks ago we were in the Tuamotu's. This group of 78 islands, all but two being coral atolls are part of the French Polynesia, and are administered from Tahiti. In contrast to the lush vegetation of the Marquesas, the atolls have little greenery except for palm trees and short grass.Our first stop in the Tuamotu's was Manihi. It was an easy access on our route. This is a small atoll, measuring 5 miles by 3miles with a population of 200. As we entered in through the pass, there was a very strong currant.I am thinking a least 5 knots, as we are working our way into the lagoon we see what must be a pearl farm, cages sticking up in the middle, looks more like a fish trap fence that funnels at one end, you might see on the Chesapeake Bay. We see several young men with. read more...


Southern Cross - The ARC April 15,2012

The ARC April 15,2012So two weeks ago we were in Hiva Oa, our first island in the Marquesas. The largest and the main island of the four islands of this Archipelago, where we enjoyed the friendly French speaking people. After five enjoyable days we moved on to another island, Tahuata, only four miles south of Hiva Oa. We entered a beautiful deserted Bay called Hanamoeboa Bay, as we turn the corner and saw the pristine beach lined with coconut trees we couldn't wait to jump in the clear blue water. We spent the whole day swimming and some cleaning the sides of the boat and exploring the beach. So The second day we had high hopes of spending another day in the water. Dave was in the water early as we watched him swimming around we saw several large Manarays, their wings spread out, had to. read more...

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