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World Cruising news stories

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Exploring the Atlantic islands with ARC Europe . 22/05/2015

2015 has been a bumper year for entries in ARC Europe – our west to east transatlantic rally. With starts from Nanny Cay, Tortola in the BVIs and Portsmouth, Virginia on the East Coast of America those sailing with the rally may be heading to Europe for the first time to explore new cruising grounds, or on a homeward bound passage, returning after a winter of Caribbean cruising. No less than 20 boats in this year’s rally had sailed with the ARC and ARC+ previously, but ARC Europe is much more than just a transocean delivery, as the crews from more than 20 nations will find out during the 6-week adventure.ARC Europe enables you to explore Bermuda and the remote Azores islands en route. As well as enjoying the natural and architectural delights of the islands, the time ashore allows you to... Click here for more info..

Setting sail for the Azores. 20/05/2015

There was plenty of activity on the docks this morning as boats started to get ready to slip lines and make their way to the start of Leg... Click here for more info..

Prizegiving Concludes ARC USA, Kicks off ARC Europe Leg 2. 18/05/2015

The high cirrus clouds were already moving in over St. Georges yesterday afternoon, heralding the passage of today’s cold front, and... Click here for more info..

Summer in Bermuda. 15/05/2015

After a drizzly morning yesterday, which incidentally washed down all of the boats nicely, the weather has continued to improve to the sunny... Click here for more info..

First Arrivals in Bermuda. 13/05/2015

The rally team arrived here Monday night in beautiful Bermuda. There was not much rest time for the team because the first boats are due in... Click here for more info..

After a four-day delay, Portsmouth fleet bound for Bermuda. 13/05/2015

The sun rose clear in the east this morning and there was a distinct chill in the air heralding the passing of the latest cold front that... Click here for more info..

Sailing the Pacific - Leg 5 (Raiatea to Tonga via Suwarrow & Niue). 11/05/2015

Arriving in French Polynesia almost two months ago, the World ARC fleet have enjoyed cruising around the mountainous islands with their... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe, ARC USA 2015 Start in Nanny Cay, Tortola. 09/05/2015

51 boats were off to a breezy start of about 16 knots, gusting to 19 knots in Nanny Cay, Tortola today for ARC Europe & ARC USA 2015... Click here for more info..

Weather Delay in Portsmouth, and Surprise Guest Mario Vittone!. 09/05/2015

As the BVI Fleet heads to the starting line, the Portsmouth fleet continues to wait.“It’s disappointing,” said Ian Clarke, skipper of Zoom,... Click here for more info..

Sub-tropical storm Ana Delays Start from Portsmouth VA. 08/05/2015

Due to sub-tropical storm “Ana” the decision has been made to delay the departure of the ARC Europe Portsmouth fleet until at least Tuesday... Click here for more info..

Busy with final preparations inTortola. 07/05/2015

With two days to go before the rally start from Tortola at midday on Saturday, everyone is busy making last minute preparations for the... Click here for more info..

Free Cruising & Racing in the Society Islands. 06/05/2015

During the last week, the World ARC fleet have enjoyed a free cruising period in the surrounding islands of Tahiti, the Society Islands... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe Fleet Preparing in Portsmouth. 06/05/2015

The Rally Office officially opened this morning at Ocean Marine Yacht Center in historic Portsmouth, Virginia. The local forecast is... Click here for more info..

Safety Day in Tortola. 06/05/2015

After an enjoyable sundowner at Mulligans last night, it’s been a busy morning here in Tortola, with crews bringing their gas bottles along... Click here for more info..

Ladies Round Table and Getting to Know Each Other. 05/05/2015

Most of the boats and crews have already checked in with yellow shirts in the Rally Office and there’s about 20 boats still to arrive. The... Click here for more info..

A Great First Night. 05/05/2015

 A great evening indeed!  With about 90 crew members in attendance between the Rallies, it was indeed a pleasure to welcome so... Click here for more info..

Welcome to the start of ARC Europe & ARC USA. 03/05/2015

It’s a sunny Sunday down in Nanny Cay, Tortola and we are set to start both ARC Europe and ARC USA on their way later this week. There will... Click here for more info..

New Baltic Rally for World Cruising Club. 01/05/2015

As part of our growing portfolio of rallies for cruising sailors we are pleased to be taking on the running of the Baltic 4 Nations Rally... Click here for more info..

Rendezvous in Tahiti. 23/04/2015

Since arrival in French Polynesia and a rendezvous in the striking Marquesas Islands, the fleet have enjoyed a free cruising period visiting... Click here for more info..

World Cruising Club join the PBO Ask the Experts Live at the Beaulieu Boat Jumble 2015. 17/04/2015

Hear our top-tips for preparing your boat for bluewater cruisingMeet the team from World Cruising ClubThe annual Beaulieu... Click here for more info..