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ARC Europe

Cruise in company from the Caribbean or USA to Marina de Lagos in southern Portugal. Explore the Atlantic islands of Bermuda and the Azores with friends.
More than just a trans-ocean delivery, ARC Europe is a convivial way to start a European adventure or to end a Caribbean season. The rally has two starts; from the Chesapeake on the US East Coast, and from Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI; with the two fleets meeting in Bermuda. Then on to cruise the Azores, seeing bull running, flowers, traditional buildings and spectacular scenery before the final voyage to Europe.
Our team are with you in every port, helping you make the most of your time ashore with parties and tours, advice and support.
“It has been a lot of fun to cruise the Azores in the company of other ARC Europe boats”

Kinship - Arrival in Horta, Ursula, Andy, Tim and Mia
Kinship - Rigging check, Kinship from above


Exploring the Atlantic islands with ARC Europe .

2015 has been a bumper year for entries in ARC Europe – our west to east transatlantic rally. With starts from Nanny Cay, Tortola in the BVIs and Portsmouth, Virginia on the East Coast of America those sailing with the rally may be heading to Europe for the first time to explore new cruising grounds, or on a homeward bound passage, returning after a winter of Caribbean cruising. No less than 20... Click here for more info..

Setting sail for the Azores.

There was plenty of activity on the docks this morning as boats started to get ready to slip lines and make their way to the start of Leg 2.  At 1100am from inside St George's Harbour yachts had a staggered start, with multihulls being first across the line followed by cruising class A, B & C at 5 minute intervals.  This is to allow for a steady flow of boats for the mile or so in... Click here for more info..

Prizegiving Concludes ARC USA, Kicks off ARC Europe Leg 2.

The high cirrus clouds were already moving in over St. Georges yesterday afternoon, heralding the passage of today’s cold front, and bringing with them brisk winds from the west. There are white caps in the harbor now today, and some boats have left the Dinghy Club as the conditions on the outside of the wall become less and less tenable.But the cold front held off long enough last night, and... Click here for more info..
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Gozwoz - The case of the Ground Coffee

Today has been sunny and a steady f4/5 breeze from the south west over our starboard quarter has been pushing us towards our destination. It has been a glorious sail with little attention required by the sails and accompanied by bright sun and blue read more...


Mahe' 3 - Si fila

Si fila a 8,5 nodi di velocità, vento al lasco, randa, trinchetta e janke. Mare calmo, la barca sembra in porto. Non abbiamo niente da fare, infatti ho dormito per tutto il pomeriggio. Navigare così è troppo bello. Siamo in attesa della read more...


Tara - Leg #2 Bermuda to The Azores

Wednesday morning the dreaded start of the longest, most dangerous leg of this three stage passage was upon us. Approximately 1800 miles of the North Atlantic.I know that 35 degrees north of the equator does not seem like very far north but you read more...


Zingara - Via Inmarsat:

greetings....hello everybody, here we are again. heute erst einmalherzliche gruesse an meine bisherigen mitsegler der arc 2011, 2012, 2013.wolfgang aus schwanheim, malte aus kronberg, reini aus oberursel, ruedigeraus waldshut. es laeuft recht gut read more...


Jambo - a bumpy old night!

Wind picked up to Force 5in the night and the sea was very bumpy so sleep at at premium for everyone In the day we had a cracking sail withthe cruising chute up and Jambo cracking along at 7/8 knots - we covered a 143 miles which was a good read more...

More Logs...
Once again we would like to thank you for organizing a fantastic event. We are so glad to have taken part. Especially we would like to thank Lyall, Nick and Andy who did a superb job throughout. We really enjoyed the few days in Bermuda and have promised ourselves to return there before too long.
Chris & Nirit Slaney, sy Passepartout
Joining ARC Europe is not only crossing an ocean, but sharing the experience of a lifetime with an amazing group of sailors and making friendships forever. We joined ARC Europe for safety reasons but it turned out to be the final highlight of this year's journey.
Ursula Weissman. sy Starship

World Cruising Club

Offshore Yacht Rigging Podcast with Mike Meer

Episode #102 of '59º North,' is Mike Meer, head rigger at Port Annapolis Marina and Rigging Inspector for the Caribbean 1500. It’s all about yacht rigging in the context of ocean sailing, in Mike’s witty, fun-loving style. He’s a cool guy, and he gets across complex rigging issues in a very understandable manner. The slides from Mike’s talk are available at this episode’s blog page on 59-north.com/sailingpodcast, so head there to follow along. Mike's talk was recorded at the March Ocean Sailing Seminar in Annapolis, Maryland. Click here to see other learning opportunities from World Cruising Club.... more info

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