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ARC Europe

Cruise in company from the Caribbean or USA to Marina de Lagos in southern Portugal. Explore the Atlantic islands of Bermuda and the Azores with friends.
More than just a trans-ocean delivery, ARC Europe is a convivial way to start a European adventure or to end a Caribbean season. The rally has two starts; from the Chesapeake on the US East Coast, and from Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI; with the two fleets meeting in Bermuda. Then on to cruise the Azores, seeing bull running, flowers, traditional buildings and spectacular scenery before the final voyage to Europe.
Our team are with you in every port, helping you make the most of your time ashore with parties and tours, advice and support.
“It has been a lot of fun to cruise the Azores in the company of other ARC Europe boats”
Kinship - Arrival in Horta, Ursula, Andy, Tim and Mia
Kinship - Rigging check, Kinship from above

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Andromeda of Plymouth - So long, farewell, auf wuedersien, adiue..........'til the next time, perhaps...........

........well nearly - this will be the last blogposting to the ARC Europe Website, though we we shall continue to post to theAndromeda bog at mailasail.  Well we made it to Lagos some 25 days after thelast ARC party and prize giving, no drink read more...


Andromeda of Plymouth - All Right Now - and Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Phill

N37:06:605 W08:40:473Happy birthday Phill have a good one.All Right Now, we are there, after over 5088 miles from Trini we have arrived at our destination, Marina De Lagos, Lagos, Portugal.At last, it has been a real journey to get here and once we read more...


Andromeda of Plymouth - How many layers do the Peeps wear to keep warm? The answer (dear reader) is blowing in the wind...........

N37:07:445   W09:27:235   Layers and layers is the answer. We have beenwearing 5 top layers and 4 on the bottom including undies and our salopettes addanother half to the top too. Getting dressed and undressed especially read more...


Andromeda of Plymouth - Where have alll the wooly hats gone? The sea has claimed them every one.

N38:02:638 W15:21:929   Progess report - we are over half way to thePortuguese Coast, yippee, will soon be heading down to Cabo de St. Vincente andround the corner to Lagos.   Hats! An essential part of our sailing gear and asource of read more...


Andromeda of Plymouth - Doh Ray Me

N38:10:647 W20:36:140   Doh a deer - well not around here there isn't, nowildlife at all that we can see,   Ray a drop of golden sun - we sure would liketo see some of these instead of the dark grey, light grey, charcoal grey, read more...

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World Cruising Club

And so it is.... 15/06/2014

And so it is that ARC Europe 2014 has had to come to an end here in Marina de Lagos. After 6 weeks together sailing across the North Atlantic... more info

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'Sailing Down the Years' Podcast: History of KSSS in Sweden

On the 59º North podcast, Andy Schell reads the first chapter of a book he found recently in downtown Stockholm on the history of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) and the sailing culture here in Sweden and how it's evolved over the past 200 years. A great preview for what's to come for the ARC Baltic fleet as they near the Stockholm archipelago and the KSSS base at Saltsjöbaden.

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