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ARC Europe

Cruise in company from the Caribbean or USA to Marina de Lagos in southern Portugal. Explore the Atlantic islands of Bermuda and the Azores with friends.
More than just a trans-ocean delivery, ARC Europe is a convivial way to start a European adventure or to end a Caribbean season. The rally has two starts; from the Chesapeake on the US East Coast, and from Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI; with the two fleets meeting in Bermuda. Then on to cruise the Azores, seeing bull running, flowers, traditional buildings and spectacular scenery before the final voyage to Europe.
Our team are with you in every port, helping you make the most of your time ashore with parties and tours, advice and support.
“It has been a lot of fun to cruise the Azores in the company of other ARC Europe boats”

Kinship - Arrival in Horta, Ursula, Andy, Tim and Mia
Kinship - Rigging check, Kinship from above


Headwinds halfway to Horta!.

That's almost a tongue twister, it would be if there were high seas and heavy weather!  But no, as the Azores high begins to settle more to the north it is creating those light headwinds coming straight out of Horta.  At the skippers briefing in Bermuda it was outlined that this may not be the typical sail north out of Bermuda to get the good westerly winds and sail over the top of the... Click here for more info..

Exploring the Atlantic islands with ARC Europe .

2015 has been a bumper year for entries in ARC Europe – our west to east transatlantic rally. With starts from Nanny Cay, Tortola in the BVIs and Portsmouth, Virginia on the East Coast of America those sailing with the rally may be heading to Europe for the first time to explore new cruising grounds, or on a homeward bound passage, returning after a winter of Caribbean cruising. No less than 20... Click here for more info..

Setting sail for the Azores.

There was plenty of activity on the docks this morning as boats started to get ready to slip lines and make their way to the start of Leg 2.  At 1100am from inside St George's Harbour yachts had a staggered start, with multihulls being first across the line followed by cruising class A, B & C at 5 minute intervals.  This is to allow for a steady flow of boats for the mile or so in... Click here for more info..
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Mahe' 3 - nono giorno

La terra è rotonda. E' banale, lo sanno tutti, ma la cosa di solito non la si percepisce in città. Invece qui, in mezzo all'oceano, con questo mare calmo, liscio e luccicante che è un tutt'uno con il cielo è una cosa molto evidente. La sensazione è read more...


Dala - Swimming in the middle of the Atlantic!

Hi, all,You got it! The notable event of the past day was that I plunged from my boat into the 4000 meters deep Atlantic ocean... Not that I wanted to do so, but again we faced a problem which had to be solved. A most stupid problem, to tell the read more...


White Wave III - White Wave - The BLURRRRRRR

Currently 36.30N; 52.27W; Est. 26C; Little Wind; Motoring @ 7 knots; Bearing 080 (what does that mean, she said?) Est. dist. to Horta, Faial...two weeks?The days have begun to blur into endless sunny days, calm waters, blissful clouds....I've lost read more...


Widago - Bermuda-Azores Leg Day 10: Grass is not greener

Well, the gamble to motor two days north in hopes of finding this mythical wind, has not paid off. While we are finally sailing again with our parasailor, the wind machine has not been turned on like we had envisioned. Still, we are making headway read more...


Euphoria - Dag 9: Med luft i tankarna

Veckan inleddes medatt fira Simon som fyllde 29 år. Besättningen med skepparen i spetsen samladesför att i grupp sjunga Happy Birthday för Simon när han väcktes. Efter en kortpresentutdelning och gemensam frukost i en solig sittbrunn så read more...

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Have sailed ARC 2013 and ARC Europe with you - fantastic can't wait to join our next rally with you.
Michaela Parker, sy Shenanigan

It really was a highlight of our year's sailing last year.

Margaret Meade, sy Re Shuanta

World Cruising Club

Tania Aebi ARC Europe Talk

Tania Aebi spoke at the ARC Europe Rally in Bermuda last Sunday, and Andy Schell recorded it for a podcast. Tania was skippering Jojo Maria, a Beneteau on it's way back to New York from the Caribbean. During the Bermuda stopover she regaled the packed house of crew with her tales of circumnavigating in her 26-foot Contessa in the 1980's at age 18.... more info

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