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World ARC

Starting from Saint Lucia and Australia, World ARC is the voyage of a lifetime. A 26000 NM tradewind circumnavigation with our team in every port ensuring a warm welcome.
World ARC is a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore. Make a full circumnavigation or sail half a rally. The pace keeps the fleet together, enjoying the shore-side activities as a group, while staying with the best weather. Families with children, retirees or a ‘grown up gap year’ - all are welcome as part of World ARC. Our dedicated rally team ensure you make the most of your time ashore, and provide peace of mind at sea.
“Bill and I will remember this trip every day of our lives. It has been a life changing experience”

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American Spirit II - Day 290; Last Full Day in Mauritius , Skipper's Meeting for Leg 12 & Merlyn of Poole Comes to Dinner; Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Up at 5:00 AM; but I stay in bed until 6:00 AM. Then coffee and type 2 logs before anyone else gets up. Done with the logs by 7:00 AM. Breakfast at 8:15 AM: eggs, potato, French bread and chilled fruit cocktail. After breakfast I filled out post read more...


American Spirit II - Day 289; 'Rigger Day' and a Great Rendezvous Party; Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Up at 6:10 AM. Jeremy and Joel followed by 6:40 AM. Why up so early? The sun. Not a lot of ways to darken the inside of a sailboat when the sun rises and you have hatches open for ventilation. If you close the hatches and pull the darkening read more...


American Spirit II - Day 288; Tour of Mauritius; Monday, October 20, 2014

Up at 6:30 AM; breakfast at 7:15 AM. Eggs, potato, chilled pears and French bread. Like other mornings, our boat is covered with soot from a furnace in the harbor where sugar cane stalks are burned. I'm assuming that this burning is to generate read more...


Free & BrEasy - Mauritius Mosaic

The Indian Ocean passage from the Cocos Islands to Mauritius finally took us 18 days as the wind decreased in strength forcing us to motor. It did allow us to fill the freezer with a very nice Mahi, surely one of the most beautiful fish in the read more...


American Spirit II - Day 287; History of Mauritius, 'Story' Party on Celebrate & Dinner on Nexus; Sunday, October 19, 2014

The history of Mauritius goes back to 1505 when the island was discovered by the Portuguese. (1505 is 13 years after Columbus 'discovered' America; to put that date in historical perspective). It was controlled by the Dutch (Holland) in the 1600's read more...

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World ARC has been so worthwhile and terrific value for money. You have a brilliant support team and they all do their jobs so efficiently. At the official stop-overs, Paul and Suzana were always waiting on the dock to take our lines, whatever the time of day or night and Paul was great at organising people to come and fix Tzigane. We would never have contemplated a trip like this without an organised rally. World ARC too has provided great parties and get-togethers.
John & Jenny Greenwood, sy Tzigane
Just a short note to express our gratitude and thanks for the terrific service we are enjoying from you and your staff. I had little idea what to expect being fairly new to this sailing lark, and we blindly paid in advance trusting that you would deliver. You certainly have done! Whilst, we were building our businesses, we had many sayings and quotes and one of my favourites was always to exceed your client’s expectations no matter how high or low. You have certainly achieved that for us and we do thank you.
Steve Rodwell, sy Kasuje

World Cruising Club

Exploring Mauritius. 22/10/2014

Following the arrival of the last boats to Mauritius, the fleet have been enjoying their time exploring what the island has to offer. The 21 yachts... more info

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World Cruising Club

Podcast: Crossing Oceans with Kids

David & Isabelle share their classic story of a ten-year dream-turned-reality to take their kids cruising. A French-Canadian couple from Quebec, David & Isabelle describe how after a bad ATV accident, David had an epiphany in his hospital bed, and their dream began. Ten years, two daughters, and three boats later, and their realizing it, halfway through an Atlantic circuit that took them to the Bahamas, down the Thorny Path to the BVI, across the Atlantic to Morocco and the Saraha desert, and now to Las Palmas where they’re staging for the return. Get inspired!... more info

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