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ARC Portugal

Cruise across the Bay of Biscay and day sail down the coast of Spain and Portugal to Marina de Lagos. Three weeks of sailing to the sun, tours and parties.
More than simply a voyage south to the sun, ARC Portugal appeals to summer cruisers, boats heading to the Mediterranean and to ARC participants. Social activities in every port and visits ashore to explore ancient Iberian cities and fishing villages make the rally a real holiday.
Invite a range of family and friends to join your adventure - day sails and great transport links make crew changes easy. The mix of people makes ARC Portugal a friendly and convivial summer cruise.
“The banter, the laughs, the story-swapping - you would be hard pushed to beat this experience”


Bluewater Open Boat Weekend 2015.

More than just a boat show, more than a seminar, and more than simply a cruiser rendezvous; the Bluewater Open Boat Weekend is a truly unique combination of all three and more still. Designed to make visitors think about all aspects of living the bluewater dream, the Bluewater Open Boat Weekend is a chance to view a wide range of offshore cruising boats to suit all budgets, and meet experts in... Click here for more info..

ARC Portugal 2014 - A Fantastic 20th Edition.

The 20th Edition of ARC Portugal came to an end Wednesday night where everyone gathered for a farewell supper and prize giving in Marina de Lagos. It was a chance to celebrate and reflect the achievements, challenges and friendships made over the last three and a half weeks.The start in Plymouth on the 1st June marked the beginning for what was many peoples first taste of ocean sailing... Click here for more info..

3 weeks on and the fleet sail to Sines.

The start from Plymouth was now three weeks ago as the ARC Portugal fleet continue to make their way south down the Portuguese coast. The camaraderie and friendships that have developed over the past few weeks have really made the rally what it is now, one example being the numerous reports of a boat party last night hosted by Rogier, Scisca and Fleur on Waterval.       ... Click here for more info..
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Firefly - Nearly there

We have been working hard packing the boat up and getting the creworganised – we are now think of heading to Plymouth on Bank holiday at the endof May where we will leave Friday evening and sail through the night. This willmean we have ample time read more...


Firefly - Test Email Logs to follow

Test Email   


Aislig Bheag - 18th - 30th August Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

18th AugustWe had an early start, 7.30am departure from San Miguel to try to get well underway before the wind became too strong.  It wasn’t one of the better journeys with the wind almost on the nose in big seas making for a very read more...


Aislig Bheag - La Gomera with Friends

9th AugustWe spent the day doing chores around the boat and at the marina bar we accessed Wi-Fi and I spoke to Gareth on Skype which was just great before he heads off for Canada next week. Rachel and David arrived on the Edinburgh flight in the read more...


Aislig Bheag - La Gomera To Tenerife 4th - 8th August

Monday 4th AugustJohn and I got organized and headed off from Santa Cruz in La Palma at around 08.30 using twin head sails which we soon had to set to one side as wind veered round to port stern and full main sail.  As wind increased John read more...

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We had so much confidence in the expert pre cruise attention to detail, safety, planning etc and the way that we could turn up at the end of a sail to have all the berthing, paperwork, socialising and trips organised, which we almost took for granted until we had to do it for ourselves! Also the value for money of the rally, which many of our other rally friends have mentioned. It also gave us confidence for further travels.
Alison & David Alexander, sy Red Skies
What a fantastic trip this is and tremendous value for money.
Derek Parish, sy Andiamo

World Cruising Club

Offshore Yacht Rigging Podcast with Mike Meer

Episode #102 of '59º North,' is Mike Meer, head rigger at Port Annapolis Marina and Rigging Inspector for the Caribbean 1500. It’s all about yacht rigging in the context of ocean sailing, in Mike’s witty, fun-loving style. He’s a cool guy, and he gets across complex rigging issues in a very understandable manner. The slides from Mike’s talk are available at this episode’s blog page on 59-north.com/sailingpodcast, so head there to follow along. Mike's talk was recorded at the March Ocean Sailing Seminar in Annapolis, Maryland. Click here to see other learning opportunities from World Cruising Club.... more info

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