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World Cruising Training

ARC Langtur Camp Dronningen 2015

ARC Langtur Camp arrangeres for seilere som har / planlegger / drømmer om å reise på Langtur med egen seilbåt og være best mulig forberedt. Arrangementet er spesielt rettet mot seilere som planlegger å delta i ARC eller World ARC rally, men alle seilere er hjertelig velkommen. ARC Langtur Camp arrangeres sammen med Kongelig Norsk Seilforening.

KNS Gjestehavn - Dronningen Lørdag 2 Mai / Søndag 3 Mai

Fredag 1 Mai, Sailor's bar, KNS


Bluewater Open Boat Weekend 2015

The Bluewater Open Boat weekend, is for sailors who are aiming at going offshore cruising and want to know what to look for when choosing a bluewater cruising boat. For those in the boat search phase of their count-down to offshore cruising, the Bluewater Open Boat weekend will provide the knowledge to help make the right choice of boat, plan a refit, and manage the costs of cruising, as well as meeting and mingling with experienced bluewater cruisers to share knowledge and gain inspiration, all in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Saturday 16 May and Sunday 17 May, 2015

Berthon Marina, Lymington, UK

Free to attend.


ARC DelMarVa Offshore Seminar 2015

Join Andy Schell and other industry experts to learn about sailing ARC DelMarVa route, planning and navigation for offshore.

Topics include:

  • Fuel Capacity & Planning
  • Safety Equipment Offshore
  • Watchkeeping Rotations
  • Night Sailing
  • Weather Patterns & Forecasting

Saturday April 25th, 9am - 5pm, Annapolis, MD

Free for ARC DelMarVa participants. 
$95 per person for others.


Training Courses for Bluewater Cruisers

Hamble School of Yachting offer rally participants exclusive training dates and discounted prices for the ISAF Offshore Safety course, RYA Sea Survival and RYA First Aid courses.  These are highly recommended for any skippers and crew going offshore, and especially for anyone participating in or considering the ARC, ARC Portugal and World ARC.

Ocean Sailing Forum: Southampton, 12 September 2015

Join this popular two hour panel discussion to find out about preparing for an offshore passage or Atlantic crossing. Panelists include industry experts and experienced cruisers to bring you a range of opinion and experience.

Ocean Sailing Forum
When: 10:00 12:00 Saturday 12 September

Where: Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Ocean Village, Southampton

Tickets only £15 per person, and includes free Southampton Boat Show ticket and copy of Yachting World magazine.

Ocean Sailing Forum: Annapolis MD - October 10, 2015

Learn from the Cruising Experts at the Ocean Sailing Forum Saturday October 10, 2015. Representatives from World Cruising Club and SAIL will join with a panel of experts to discuss the preparation required for ocean sailing, with special emphasis on the Caribbean 1500 and what to expect in terms of weather and equipment issues

Saturday October 10, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM EDT

O'Callaghan Annapolis Hotel

174 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21041

Cost: $20 , includes breakfast, a US Sailboat Show entry ticket, and a copy of SAIL magazine



Ocean Sailing Forum 2014 - Pod-cast Part 1

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Ocean Sailing Forum 2014 - Pod-cast Part 2

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Safety Equipment Requirements

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Video Training Library

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Communications Equipment

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Learn about ocean weather with Chris Tibbs

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What is it like to do a sea survival course

Sea Safety TrainingWe joined Hamble School of Yachting for three days of training, covering the RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety, RYA Sea Survival and RYA
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