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Owner David & Linda Witham
Design Lagoon 380-S2
Length Overall(m) 11m 55 cm
Flag USA
Sail Number

"Purrrfect" is the perfect yacht for us

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Purrr-fect - Leg 3 - Day 3 - Reflections on Time

Just past midnight and I am on the 11 pm to 2 am watch, so it is now day 3 "officially". Keeping track of time is simple on board since we just use the "Greenwich"/UTC time as a constant for all communication on radio nets etc. And even though we are moving east, we have decided to not change the "ship's clock" until we reach our new location. For the long passage between Bermuda and the Azores, there are 3 time zones (changing every 15 degrees of longitude) but we kept our clock on Bermuda time. So that meant that it started getting light with faint sunrise around 3 am! So the night watch wasn't much night. Sailing today was brisk and we are making good progress toward Portugal. Doldrums are predicted in several days so we hope to log lots of miles before the wind dies. When we are. read more...


Purrr-fect - Leg three - Day Two -- Purrrfect Fish Tales

Day Two continued with moderate winds and wonderful downwind sailing with double head sails (2 jibs winged out and no main). The last day and a half has been the type of sailing you dream about, sun, relatively smooth seas and good enough wind. Now that it is evening and the wind moved a bit north, we have a reefed main and reefed single jib, and we continue to make progress toward Portugal.Seeing only 630 miles to go seems really "close", after the last leg of over 1800 miles.Dave was a happy fisher today because he caught a nice size tuna which I fixed for dinner with mustard sauce and fresh yummy tomatoes from the Azores fresh market.Last night at sunset (around 9 pm) he went to take in the line and found a fish swimming along merrily at the end.We guess we were going so slow that the. read more...


Purrr-fect - Leg 3 - Day one -- Sad to leave beautiful Azores

We haven't posted anything since arriving in Azores. Have been busy touring each island and sailing between each of them. We arrived in the Azores from Bermuda in less than 14 days, after crossing the 1900 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. We encountered everything from flat glassy ocean to hugh waves and high winds. we raced to beat a predicted gale and anchored safely in the harbor at Horta, Azores just after midnight after which the winds hit 45 knots inside the protected harbor. It seemed that we either had too little wind or too much wind.The Azores are wonderful with friendly people, reasonable prices and exquisite scenery. We love the local cheese, wine, bread and fresh fruits and vegetables. We spent a great evening in a local village on Terceria watching the run of the bulls. read more...


Purrr-fect - Fish on

On the table that is.More about that in a second.Afew of the rough nights we started thinking what are we doing here.Today we know why.It was a great day. It started with a dolphin show at sunrise.We set the sails to wing and wing (know as goosewing by the Brits here) and had a beautiful down wind sail, with hardly touching the sail, for 15 hours.Clearand partly sunny.And we are rapidly closing on the Azores. As I write this we only have 120 miles to go and should be in late Tuesday evening.Then as Linda was starting to prep a spaghetti dinner,the reel starting singing.We quickly improved our fishing score to Fish 2 (lost lures); Purrrfect 1, as we landed a nice size Tuna.Jim cooked some immediately with his ownblend of spices, etc.It was great and we almost filled our small freezer. read more...


Purrr-fect - Leg Two - Day 7 and 8 - Spinnaker Run and Then...

After 2 days of motoring due to no wind, we got a nice southerly wind, so at 6 am raised our cruising spinnaker. Sailed along briskly but quietly with spinnaker until 10 pm when we took it down. Clocked over 178 miles, and really enjoyable. What a difference a day makes, because today, the wind direction came right on our nose, causing us to sail more southerly, losing all the progress we had made in the past 24 hours. Lumpy seas due to wind direction change so it is noisy and uncomfortable. We just keep trying to remember yesterday when it was so Purrrfect! Still making progress eastward toward the Azores, with "only" 550 miles to go. Signed, Linda at 3:30 am. read more...

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