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Owner David & Linda Witham
Design Lagoon 380-S2
Length Overall(m) 11m 55 cm
Flag USA
Sail Number

"Purrrfect" is the perfect yacht for us

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Purrr-fect - Leg 2-day 4: Not a straight line

Today Dave did intense research on "the great circle route", which basically says that when it comes to navigating long distances,the curvature of the earth makes the shortest distance a CURVED LINE. We discovered that our IPad Navionics chart app draws a simple straight line which isn't the shortest one!So Dave worked several hours on our Imray chart and on his laptop MaxSea program to get the latitude and longitude coordinates for a great circle route. These have now been entered into our iPad Navionics and we will be attempting to track to them. I say "attempting" because the wind is dead behind us when we aim for these waypoints, and the wind isn't strong enough to move the boat. So we are gybing downwind, steering about 30 degrees to port or starboard to keep moving. More wind is. read more...


Purrr-fect - Leg 2 - Day 3: changing sails

Our third day seemed like a day to try every possible sail combination to keep the boat moving the best. The early morning wind gradually lightened so we decided to fly the spinnaker for more speed. The spinnaker involves quite a bit of work to set up so all 3 of us were busy working together to get the spinnaker flying and also furling in the jib with whisker pole. We never can relax when the spinnaker is flying since it seems to collapse and snap back frequently with every little wind change. The large swells caused the spinnaker to collapse as well. But it added over a knot of speed. However, the wind suddenly started to increase as we observed a squall line headed our way, so we prudently doused the spinnaker in advance of the squall. We reset up the jib wing on wing with the whisker. read more...


Purrr-fect - Leg 2 - Day 2: fishing triumph

What kind of lure is best?Is it the pink feather jig or the fancy fish-shaped rapala?If we ask the fish experts at fishing stores, it is sure to be the one we don't have yet!So we dutifully buy the red feather jig when recommended because that one is SURE to land the big one. Yesterday and today we tried the most unlikely lure in our box:the simple cedar plug!It is a plain piece of wood with a hook attached. We have this unusual lure because a fish shop back home in Ventura CA strongly recommended it. And to our surprise, it is catching fish. Yesterday evening Paul caught a bright colored fish but too small to keep (about 14 inches). This evening Dave caught a nice one over 25 inches long. We subdued it with a squirt off rum in the gills and then andfilleted it. Linda fried it in. read more...


Purrr-fect - Leg 2- Day 1- Excellent start across the Atlantic

We had lots of last minute tasks on our last morning in Mindelo, Cape Verde because we had spent all day Tuesday on a full day tour of the neighboring island of Santo Antao. That island is very dry and arid on one side but green and productive on the other side because of the rain caught by the high mountain from the ancient volcano. The most beautiful sight was the caldera of the ancient volcano which is farmed and has animals grazing. It looked idyllic. The rally started at 12:45 pm for multihulls and we had another good start reaching down the slot between the two islands. As predicted, there was an extensive wind shadow leeward of the island but we ghosted along and only used our engine for a short time to get through it. To our surprise, the fishing reel sang out with a fish on the. read more...


Purrr-fect - Day 4-5. Better wind and moving again

After losing wind on day 3, we have managed to get up on the course to better wind. Flew the spinnaker for 14 hours yesterday and have been wing on wing (goose wing in British English) all of today. Seas are a little lumpy tonight with a swell that swings the stern around. With Paul as third crew aboard, things are easier - easier to change sails, easier to get sleep with less hours on watch for each of us. Have had beef, chicken, pork and tonight fish for dinners. So we are enjoying good eating and still trying to use our fresh fruits and veggies. No fish caught so far, but Dave and Paul are trying everyday. Assuming our current speed, we hope to reach the Cape Verde islands sometime on Sunday, 7 days after leaving the Canary Islands.. read more...

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