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ARC USA is a great way to end the Caribbean sailing season and make a real cruise of the passage back to the East Coast. Sail in company from Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI to St George’s Bermuda, then on to Portsmouth, Virginia or other East Coast ports, or from Nanny Cay to Fort Lauderdale via the Old Bahama Channel.

Most people join a World Cruising Club rally for the security and peace of mind of an organized event; for the camaraderie and friendship of a large group of like-minded people; and for the fun of sailing in a fleet of boats. Sailing ability isn’t the deciding factor for joining a rally; some of our crews join the rally every year and have sailed with us many times, over tens of thousands of ocean miles. It’s the peace of mind that comes from having the support of a professional team in port to help before departure and to meet you on arrival, plus daily weather information, radio contact and satellite tracking at sea.

What do the entry fees include?
Before you even get to the start, we help with your preparations by providing a digital Rally Handbook and rally newsletters, and we’re here to answer your questions by phone or email.

From Time of Registration:
• West Marine discounts at all stores nationwide
• Digital Rally Handbook
• Free rig inspections anytime at Port Annapolis Marina
• Access to World Cruising Club’s extensive online resources for offshore sailing
• Discounted chart and pilot book ordering

In Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola:
• ARC USA flag
• Safety equipment inspection
• 3 days complimentary docking before the start
• Full social program including welcome party and farewell dinner
• Customs and Immigration clearance in Nanny Cay
• Pre-departure captains’ briefing with weather information

On passage at sea:
• Float plan filed with USCG and Bermuda Radio
• Radio net
• Daily weather forecast sent by email
• Tracking of yachts, including loan of a satellite tracker
• Website for publishing boat positions, blogs and photos

In Bermuda:
• Liaison with Bermuda Radio for pre-arrival information
• Full social program, including prize giving dinner
• Application for Head Tax waiver
• Liaison with Customs and Immigration authorities
• Captains’ briefing including weather and Gulf Stream forecast

In Portsmouth, VA or Fort Lauderdale, FL:
• Welcome on arrival
• Social program
• Liaison with Customs and Immigration authorities
• Discounted marina docking


Prizegiving Concludes ARC USA, Kicks off ARC Europe Leg 2.

The high cirrus clouds were already moving in over St. Georges yesterday afternoon, heralding the passage of today’s cold front, and bringing with them brisk winds from the west. There are white caps in the harbor now today, and some boats have left the Dinghy Club as the conditions on the outside of the wall become less and less tenable.But the cold front held off long enough last night, and... Click here for more info..

Summer in Bermuda.

After a drizzly morning yesterday, which incidentally washed down all of the boats nicely, the weather has continued to improve to the sunny Bermuda we all love.  It is hard to descibe the colours of the water, the sea and the houses - everything here stands out!  Even the rally yachts stand out, taking over the Town Docks and the Dinghy Club dock and bringing some festivity to... Click here for more info..

First Arrivals in Bermuda.

The rally team arrived here Monday night in beautiful Bermuda. There was not much rest time for the team because the first boats are due in at noon today! (Wednesday the 13th) Boats have had a great sail north from the BVI with steady SE or E winds at 15kts. The first boat to cross the line, Intrepid Elk, has traveled the entire 850nm in just around four full days time. Intrepid Elk has been... Click here for more info..
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Celebrate - Arrival in USA,!!! Home Again , Playing Our Theme Song "Celebration Time Come On..."!!!

Let the music play, "Celebration Time Come On..."!!!We are back in the USA after 18 months and what a mega packed memory sailing adventure it has been. The last bit, the Gulfstream Crossing, in which the high current worked to our advantage to read more...


Celebrate - Back to the USA via Bermuda Feasting on Steak & Shrimp!

Just crossing the infamous Cape Hatteras ocean area then home again to the idyllic Chesapeake Bay in only 170nm!Yeah!Also, finishing off our provisions has been a food fest with steak & shrimp for lunch and dinner.Lots of exercise needed here read more...


Celebrate - Bermuda Night Entry and Leaving the Next Day for the USA to Catch a Weather Window

Even though we rushed to arrive at Bermuda before nightfall, it was not to be.With Cathy on the bow of Celebrate with a search light looking for markers and me cautiously moving the boat through the channel to the customs dock we arrived just read more...


Celebrate - Nanny Cay, BVI's - A New Rally, A New Beginning!

Our first impression of Nanny Cay was charming with Sir Richard Branson's "Necker Belle" tied up to the dock and pastel painted shops on shore.Also, we saw boats from our previous fleet of the World ARC, Ghost, Avocet, Polaris and Merlyn, so we read more...


Crazy Horse - Day 6

We are powering our way to Ft. Lauderdale with motor on and all sails flying. This is really and truly the first time that wehave used the engine. Trying to make Ft. Lauderdale before dark. There is some tricky maneuvering with lots of ships and read more...

More Logs...
Once again we would like to thank you for organizing a fantastic event. We are so glad to have taken part. Especially we would like to thank Lyall, Nick and Andy who did a superb job throughout. We really enjoyed the few days in Bermuda and have promised ourselves to return there before too long.
Chris & Nirit Slaney, sy Passepartout
Guys it was a great event and I'm going to, with my big mouth, tell the World! Although I excel in sailing through no wind, to be able to motor thru the light parts sure keep the crews moral up. Loved it all and thanks.
Randy West, sy Fat Cat

World Cruising Club

Offshore Yacht Rigging Podcast with Mike Meer

Episode #102 of '59º North,' is Mike Meer, head rigger at Port Annapolis Marina and Rigging Inspector for the Caribbean 1500. It’s all about yacht rigging in the context of ocean sailing, in Mike’s witty, fun-loving style. He’s a cool guy, and he gets across complex rigging issues in a very understandable manner. The slides from Mike’s talk are available at this episode’s blog page on 59-north.com/sailingpodcast, so head there to follow along. Mike's talk was recorded at the March Ocean Sailing Seminar in Annapolis, Maryland. Click here to see other learning opportunities from World Cruising Club.... more info

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