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Owner Global Yacht Racing
Design Beneteau First 47.7
Length Overall(m) 14m 80 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR4778R

EH01 is Global Yacht Racing's flagship yacht. Global Yacht Racing offers individuals and groups the chance to get on board and become part of a great race team participating in major regattas and offshore races around the world. We believe that with the right training and motivation 'anyone can do it!'
Past results include 1st in division and 1st overall in the ARC 2010, 2nd in class RORC Caribbean 600 2011, 3rd in class Antigua Sailing Week 2011, 2nd in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 07, 2nd BVI Regatta 2008 and 2012.

EH01 will be campaigning in all the major Caribbean Regattas in 2014 and is available for individuals or whole boat charter Call(+44)0845 634 1452 for information or email info@globalyachtracing.com

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EH01 - And we are off!!

Hi All,Sorry for the delay in writing our first blog entry! It has been a pretty interesting few days aboard the good ship EH01. We had a great start and flew down the east coast of Gran Canaria with our kite up not dropping below 10 knots the whole way. As we rounded the bottom of the island we all drove into a huge wind hole which kept us trapped for over 6 hours! Unfortunately it gave the rest of the fleet time to catch up and effectively restarted the race! When the wind finally filled back in to our horror we had to sail upwind. Thankfully the breeze has swung back around to the north east as forecast and has provided us with fast reaching conditions along the Rhumb line to St Lucia.My crew are rapidly turning into a well oiled race machine, having managed several sail changes, kite. read more...


EH01 - Everything is awesome!

Everything is awesome on the good ship EH01! We had a pretty good start to the race with a great spinnaker run down towards the acceleration zone. The crew performed an excellent drop of the fractional kite and re hoisted our number 2. Our well earned gains were diminished last night as most of our fleet sailed into a bit of a wind hole, creating a bit of a restart amongst everyone! We are now back on the move again with our MH kite up and full main, with 14 knots just below our beam. Its fair to say EH01 is enjoying stretching her legs as we are flying along at 10 knots in a beautiful calm sea state. We have a few boats in front and few behind which is great for everyone's concentration as we try and focus on overtaking the next boat. The crew are working like a full race crew and are. read more...


EH01 - Volvo Ocean Race

Blog from EH01 owner - Global Yacht RacingEH01 is one of the ARC’s most well travelled yachts - annually she competes in an international program of regattas and offshore races and completes a circuit of up to 10,000 miles. She is currently on passage to Gibraltar after taking part in the glamorous Les Voiles de St Tropez with two trainee skippers onboard who are taking part in a ten month program of offshore racing and RYA training. The trainees and crew on EH01 recently had the time of their lives during a stop over in Alicante where they got front row seats to one of the most well known race starts in the world - the Volvo Ocean Race! Taking a couple of days out from the passage from St Tropez to Gibraltar the crew of EH01 enjoyed the buzz of the race village and joined the hundreds. read more...


EH01 - ARC day 7

Blogfrom EH01Title:Crash, Vang, Boom! Yourjoining us live from EH01 surf contest, with the main contender Skipper AndyMiddleton at the helm racking up some amazing speeds with just a hanky sized No4 headsail and no main. He has been averaging 7kts with a surfing best for todayat 12.5! With entrants from the known surfing worlds of Australia, Scotland,Ireland, Wales and even Russia its going to be a tough contest! All contendersare hopeful and are looking forward to tonight's surf comp in the pitchblack. Thesunshine downwind cruise as promised by our sales team hasn’t happened yet. Wehave had some hefty winds, some big swells. We have been parked up for 4 hours,to then being smashed by heavy rain for 10 hours and now are in the middle ofbeen battered by all kinds of weather from. read more...


EH01 - The Glamour of St tropez

Global Yacht Racing's Beneteau 47.7 set off from Cowes at the end of August on her annual journey in to the Med and then on to Las Palmas for the start of the ARC race 2013. Crew member Kate Loveys has joined the yacht as a Performance Yacht Racing trainee and is taking part in a ten month long traineeship where she will learn to become a commercial yacht skipper. Here Kate describes her journey from Cowes to Gibraltar and is revelling in the differences between her new life and the desk job she left behind. It’s two weeks into my traineeship and I’m still grinning like an idiot at the thought of the next ten months. Week one was spent in the Cowes’ sun converting EH01 from race to cruise mode. I serviced winches, went up the mast, fixed stuff, cleaned stuff and stowed a lot of. read more...

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