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World Cruising news stories

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Tick, tick tick…Clock is running on the countdown to the 25th Carib1500. 29/10/2014

The weather at Ocean Marine has been downright summery. Temperatures touched 80º both yesterday and today. Despite some mid-afternoon clouds and the threat of rain, it’s cleared again this evening and the setting sun is casting a golden glow over the rally fleet.Click here to see the gallery of photos from last night's happy hour at Skipjack Nautical Wares.“What a cool sight!” exclaimed onlookers walking by the docks and admiring the code flags on the boat’s that are ‘fully dressed’ in the marina. The atmosphere is certainly festive for the new arrivals. At least three boats checked in today, bringing the grand total to 31 of the 41 boats set to depart on Sunday. Despite the preparations, time is running out!So what goes on during the hectic week leading up to the start of a long... Click here for more info..

Live from the 1500: More German Bier & the start of the Seminar Program. 27/10/2014

Day two at the rally wrapped up last night back at the Bier Garden in Portsmouth, VA. Several boats had arrived throughout the afternoon and... Click here for more info..

Day 1 at the 1500: German Bier, Trick-or-Treat & Safety Checks. 26/10/2014

Maybe it’s because it’s a special year in 2014. Maybe it’s because folks are excited about the large fleet. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather... Click here for more info..

A warm welcome to La Réunion. 25/10/2014

A competitive start marked the departure from Mauritius to La Réunion. Now berthed alongside the dock in Le Port on the north east coast of... Click here for more info..

Exploring Mauritius. 22/10/2014

Following the arrival of the last boats to Mauritius, the fleet have been enjoying their time exploring what the island has to offer. The 21... Click here for more info..

A complete fleet in Mauritius. 17/10/2014

The Cauden Basin in Port Louis has come alive with rally atmosphere over the last week. Transformed to a vibrant marina with yachts dressed... Click here for more info..

First arrivals in Mauritius. 11/10/2014

After sailing approximately 2350 nautical miles, the first of the fleet has arrived in Port Louis, Mauritius. Nexus, the 17.90 meter Semi... Click here for more info..

Life on the Indian Ocean. 06/10/2014

Since leaving the paradise of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands exactly one week ago, the fleet have made good progress towards their next... Click here for more info..

Annapolis Sailboat Show Event Schedule. 02/10/2014

Join Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson, event managers at our World Cruising Club USA base, for the 45th edition of the Annapolis Sailboat Show.... Click here for more info..

Leg 11 – Embarking across the Indian Ocean . 29/09/2014

The World ARC fleet departed the Cocos (Keeling) Islands this morning, embarking on the second longest sail of their circumnavigation; a... Click here for more info..

Cocos Keeling Islands - Yet another paradise. 22/09/2014

Following a relatively short stopover in Christmas Island described as a ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’, 11 of the World ARC fleet have now... Click here for more info..

Christmas Island - A Jewel of the Indian Ocean. 16/09/2014

For the next 72 hours the majority of the World ARC fleet will be moored in Flying Fish Cove on Christmas Island. The crews will have been... Click here for more info..

'Bye to Bali. 14/09/2014

The World ARC fleet made a great sight today as they sailed across the start line at the entrance to Benoa Harbour, Bali. Before leaving... Click here for more info..

World ARC Tour in Bali. 11/09/2014

Today 26 World ARC Crews spent the day on a tour to the Kintimani Volcano. Participants were treated to a wide range of cultural, religious... Click here for more info..

Welcome to Bali. 07/09/2014

17 World ARC boats took part on the start of leg 9 from Darwin to Bali last Tuesday and 10 are expected tomorrow,  Monday, in the... Click here for more info..

Australian students farewell World ARC fleet in Darwin. 02/09/2014

The World ARC fleet made a spectacular sight today as they sailed across the start line in Darwin Harbour. After a morning of no wind Rally... Click here for more info..

Litchfield National Park. 30/08/2014

The tour to the Litchfield National Park ran today with 52 World ARC participants. The rushing waters and rugged vistas that made life... Click here for more info..

Together again in Darwin. 29/08/2014

With the last yachts of the World ARC fleet arriving in Darwin yesterday the fleet is now all together for the first... Click here for more info..

PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014. 28/08/2014

The PSP Southampton Boat Show takes place from 12-21 September in the heart of the city. With lots of attractions at the show including new... Click here for more info..

World ARC fleet arrives in Darwin. 23/08/2014

Festina Lente and Civetta II arrived in Darwin earlier today with the rest of the fleet likely to arrive over the next few days. Darwin... Click here for more info..