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Malts Cruise

The Malts Cruise is a two week summer sailing voyage combining exceptional cruising, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife with a journey of discovery into the world of Scottish single malt whisky.
A mix of cruising in company and solo exploration is spiced with social events ashore and rendezvous afloat. Explore remote lochs, discover hidden anchorages and revel in the mountain scenery. Whether sharing a dram in the cockpit, enjoying the local seafood or joining a village hall ceilidh, the Malts Cruise is full of opportunities to meet fellow cruisers and locals. Chartering is a popular option, and there are good air, road and rail links. Visit a distillery in the morning and see basking sharks in the afternoon - all in a day on the Malts Cruise.
“A splendid experience, adding structure and good company to west Highland sailing”

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World Cruising Club

First whisky nosing of the 2013 Malts Cruise. 11/07/2013

In near perfect conditions for sight-seeing, if not for for sailing, crews from the 2013 Malts Cruise gathered for the first whisky nosing of the... more info

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World Cruising Club

Nosing your way to whisky knowledge

Whilst most people may think that with whisky it is all about taste, for a true appreciation of fine single malts, one needs to start with the nose. To that end, crews on the 2012 Malts Cruise will had the opportunity to educate their noses and their palates at a series of tutored “nosings”.

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