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How the America's Cup came to the Caribbean 1500. 15/04/2014

by Andy Schell2014 will mark the 25th edition of the Caribbean 1500. It’s now officially branded the ARC Caribbean 1500, ostensibly to have it fall in line with World Cruising Club’s other rallies around the world bearing similar monikers. But to those who sail it, and those who long to, it’ll always be, simply, the ’1500.’One of our challenges for 2014 will be commemorating the 25th edition of the event. It’s seen major change since Steve Black left the helm in 2011, but we think we’ve done a good job of keeping it’s spirit intact. 2013 saw the event move to Portsmouth, Virginia, where we received an extremely warm welcome from the local community and our new hosts at Ocean Marine Yacht Center. And then suddenly something happened that will make the 25th edition of the event memorable,... Click here for more info..

Sailors encouraged to join project to track effects of climate change on the world’s oceans. 28/03/2014

Cruising sailors are being encouraged to take part in a unique global study, using a mobile phone app to record the effects of climate... Click here for more info..

TeamSurv – mapping the world’s oceans. 28/03/2014

World Cruising Club boat owners invited to join an ambitious project and help map the world’s coastal waters with a simple data-logger on... Click here for more info..

World ARC Next Stop: The Marquesas Islands. 10/03/2014

The Marquesas fall naturally into two geographical divisions: the northern group centered around the large island of Nuka Hiva and the... Click here for more info..

An Interview with Weems & Plath. 06/03/2014

Andy Schell sat down with Peter Trogdon, owner of the traditional navigation company Weems & Plath in January in Annapolis. They talked... Click here for more info..

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. 09/02/2014

The World ARC fleet left Panama and its heading to Galapagos Islands. This will be a unique experience for most of the World ARC... Click here for more info..

59 Degrees North Podcast: The Ideal Ocean Sailing Yacht, with John Harries. 03/01/2014

John Harries of Attainable Adventure Cruising chatted with Andy to announce news of the 'Adventure 40' ocean sailing yacht. John has many,... Click here for more info..

Why do the Rally?. 20/12/2013

In it’s 27th year, the popularity of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has never been higher. 2013 marked the first-ever ARC+ rally, which saw... Click here for more info..

UPDATED: Breakages & Jury Rigs on the ARC Atlantic Crossing. 15/12/2013

Any Atlantic crossing is as much a test of boats and gear as it is a test of mental fortitude, and the 2013 ARC was no exception. There was... Click here for more info..

Unusual Weather Pattern Challenges 2013 ARC Fleet. 11/12/2013

Year to year, the dock-talk among ARC crew inevitably turns to the weather, and 2013 is certainly no different. And what’s on everyone’s... Click here for more info..

Exploring Saint Lucia . 08/12/2013

Exploring Saint LuciaRising like an emerald tooth from the flat Caribbean Sea, St Lucia definitely grabs your attention. Glossed over as... Click here for more info..

Provisioning for the crossing. 22/11/2013

Provisioning for an Atlantic crossing can be a daunting and time consuming task. ARC seminars on the subject were extremely popular and many... Click here for more info..

25 Multihulls Set for ARC Crossing. 22/11/2013

25 multihulls are moored in the Vela Latina basin in the Muelle Deportivo, busy preparing for their Atlantic crossing with the ARC. Amongst... Click here for more info..

ARC Kinder Club. 19/11/2013

Kamen in den vergangenen Jahren die ARC-Kinder meist aus Skandinavien, sind dieses Jahr 6 Boote aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum mit der ARC... Click here for more info..

Schooling at sea. 16/11/2013

The ARC has always been a family affair, with cruisers from all backgrounds coming together for this annual transatlantic migration.... Click here for more info..

Tips for Two-up. 15/11/2013

Fifteen ARC boats will be sailing doublehanded this year - with just two people onboard. On Thursday Evening there was a workshop for those... Click here for more info..

The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 14/11/2013

ARC and ARC+ crews were treated to a spectaular taste of the famous carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at the official Welcome Party.... Click here for more info..

Safety on the high seas - the ARC safety equipment check. 13/11/2013

World Cruising Club take the safety of participants in all of their rallies very seriously, and require ARC boats to carry a minimum... Click here for more info..

Caribbean 1500: Lessons Learned from a Challenging Passage. 12/11/2013

Caribbean 1500: Lessons Learned from a Challenging Passageby Andy SchellFive more yachts arrived into Nanny Cay overnight last night,... Click here for more info..

Take a Longer Look at Gran Canaria. 12/11/2013

Gran Canaria and its capital - Las Palmas A miniature continentGran Canaria has a rugged mountainous interior. Being of volcanic origin,... Click here for more info..

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