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World Cruising news stories

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San Blas Rendezvous. 25/01/2015

Since arriving in San Blas on Thursday the fleet have been enjoying many of the beautiful islands within the San Blas archipelago. With secluded anchorages, white sandy beaches, coconut palms and crystal clear waters, San Blas is an idyllic cruising ground. Jean from A Plus2 commented: "We crossed the finish line and arrived next to paradise".Yet there is a serious side to the area and care must be taken while navigating in San Blas. Coral reefs fringe most islands and there are number of wrecks visible in the area - a stark reminder for all skippers to be vigilant in these waters.Today the fleet came together for a World ARC Rendezvous on the island of Chichime, an especially pretty island with two safe anchorages, deep beaches and inhabited by just four families of Kuna's who run... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2015 arrive in San Blas. 23/01/2015

After a brisk passage from Santa Marta, World ARC 2015 fleet have now arrived in San Blas, Panama. First to arrive were UK flagged... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2015 Leg 2 Start – Santa Marta to San Blas. 20/01/2015

After a very enjoyable and entertaining week here in Santa Marta it is with fond memories that the fleet depart for the islands of San Blas... Click here for more info..

Santa Marta Prize Giving Dinner. 20/01/2015

Last night’s prizing giving dinner was a gala event hosted by Marina Santa Marta held in the main dining room of the prestigious Club Santa... Click here for more info..

First arrivals - The remote island of St Helena . 20/01/2015

Crossing their final ocean, today Chika-Lu and Nexus were the first of the 2014/15 World ARC fleet to arrive on the quaint island... Click here for more info..

World ARC visit Bahia Concha for a Colombian Beach BBQ. 18/01/2015

Yesterday World ARC participants visited Bahia Concha where they enjoyed a Colombian Beach BBQ surrounded by the natural beauty of Tayrona... Click here for more info..

World ARC fleet make first ever visit to Colombia. 14/01/2015

After departing Rodney Bay on the 10th of Jan the 2015 World ARC fleet have commenced their 15 month circumnavigations. It has been a windy... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2015-16 is underway. 10/01/2015

Whilst the World ARC 2014-15 fleet left Cape Town today, the next fleet of World ARC was setting out on its own adventure from Saint... Click here for more info..

Reunited sailing the South Atlantic. 10/01/2015

Over the last few days, the remaining skippers and crews arrived in Cape Town to prepare for the next leg of their circumnavigation; Cape... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2015-16: First Introductions. 08/01/2015

Wednesday's schedule for the World ARC 2015 fleet in Saint Lucia was packed with briefings about the Rally so that crews could learn more... Click here for more info..

Experts share their cruising knowledge. 07/01/2015

Feedback from our boat show based Ocean Cruising Forum proves how useful the two-hour session is for those thinking about their future... Click here for more info..

One year on – Preparations for the South Atlantic. 06/01/2015

January 2015 marks a significant milestone for the World ARC 2014 fleet. Exactly one year on since their voyage began in Saint Lucia, they... Click here for more info..

2015: A new New Year for World ARC. 04/01/2015

For the previous seven years, each January there has been a World ARC fleet setting off from either Saint Lucia or Cape Town, to begin or... Click here for more info..

An emotional finale to ARC 2014. 21/12/2014

Last evenings Prize Giving ceremony marked the close of ARC 2014. Despite it’s finality however, it also marked the start of the winter... Click here for more info..

‘Knotty’ or Nice: ARC staff join in the Costume Party. 19/12/2014

The annual costume party in Saint Lucia is usually the biggest party of the week (save for tomorrow’s prizegiving), and last night’s was... Click here for more info..

Pool party for the family boats in Saint Lucia. 18/12/2014

Since the arrival of Frisco and Louise late last evening, all’s been quiet on the berthing front around IGY Rodney Bay Marina. It will... Click here for more info..

IGY General Manager’s Party & Argalleiro's Uncanny Timing. 17/12/2014

Last night kicked off the second week of ARC 2014 here in Saint Lucia. The biggest party on the programme thus far got underway on the lawn... Click here for more info..

Dyssel’s Eventful Arrival. 16/12/2014

We’ve cracked the 150-yacht mark here in Saint Lucia just as the clock has ticked past 22 days since the start of ARC 2014. It’s almost... Click here for more info..

Later Arrivals get the Biggest Welcome. 15/12/2014

Sometimes it pays to be at the back of the fleet.Arguably the best part about the ARC is that it’s not in fact a race, and being last is... Click here for more info..

Arrivals Slow Down; Plus, The Three Phases of an Atlantic Crossing. 14/12/2014

“Bahati, Bahati, this is the ARC Finishing Line Sophie. Is that you we see sailing around Pigeon Island?”“Sophie, this is Bahati. Yes, that... Click here for more info..