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World Cruising news stories

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Experts share their cruising knowledge. 07/01/2015

Feedback from our boat show based Ocean Cruising Forum proves how useful the two-hour session is for those thinking about their future cruising plans. “Inspirational, informative & enlightening,” said one attendee, “It’s great that it coincides with the boat show and we were able to follow up on suggestions / advice whilst they were still fresh. A very worthwhile 2 hours.”“Good overview of ocean sailing issues for those who are actively considering this. I'd recommend it for anyone contemplating offshore sailing” said one of the audience at our US forum.Held alongside leading Boat Shows, the panel discussion format allows for plenty of conversation on a wide range of topics from our assembled experts. Whilst the make-up of the panels vary between events, the objective is the same –... Click here for more info..

Avanti & Corsair Take Top Honors at the 25th ARC Caribbean 1500 Prizegiving. 16/11/2014

In the slowest year since 2011, with the last boat still at sea as we go to press – with nearly 100 miles yet to go – the ARC Caribbean 1500... Click here for more info..

Lest We Forget: The Carib 1500 Crews Who Won't Make it to Tortola This Year. 14/11/2014

Nothing ever bad happens in the rally, right? If you read the daily news stories over the years, you’d certainly think so. But despite what... Click here for more info..

One Fleet, Two Very Different Stories. 12/11/2014

Falcon, the 80’ Cookson, did the expected and beat the rest of the fleet to the BVI. The ex-America’s Cup training vessel, now a tricked out... Click here for more info..

Slow Progress in the Caribbean 1500 Fleet. 10/11/2014

Thanks to a late start and slow progress at sea, the Yellowshirt team here in Nanny Cay has had time to explore Tortola more than usual.... Click here for more info..

Yellowshirts in the (rainy) Caribbean / First ARC Bahamas boats make landfall. 08/11/2014

After a brief respite back in Amish Country, where the Rally Control team was based after the Portsmouth pre-departure program, we’re back... Click here for more info..

Day 4 - The fleet is getting their sea legs. 06/11/2014

“The later you are, the more excited dogs are to see you.”That’s Club Carp’s ‘dog quote of the day,’ from Day 1 at sea. They’ve taken to a... Click here for more info..

25th Caribbean 1500 Heads to Sea. 03/11/2014

It was a busy morning on the docks.Conditions were much more favorable for the start of an offshore passage today with the sun shining and... Click here for more info..

Caribbean 1500 & ARC Bahamas Delayed: Start 1200 Monday, November 3. 02/11/2014

It was a windy night at Ocean Marine Yacht Center. At 10:30 last night, Rally Control received a call from Delphinus, a catamaran headed to... Click here for more info..

Tick, tick tick…Clock is running on the countdown to the 25th Carib1500. 29/10/2014

The weather at Ocean Marine has been downright summery. Temperatures touched 80º both yesterday and today. Despite some mid-afternoon clouds... Click here for more info..

Live from the 1500: More German Bier & the start of the Seminar Program. 27/10/2014

Day two at the rally wrapped up last night back at the Bier Garden in Portsmouth, VA. Several boats had arrived throughout the afternoon and... Click here for more info..

Day 1 at the 1500: German Bier, Trick-or-Treat & Safety Checks. 26/10/2014

Maybe it’s because it’s a special year in 2014. Maybe it’s because folks are excited about the large fleet. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather... Click here for more info..

Annapolis Sailboat Show Event Schedule. 02/10/2014

Join Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson, event managers at our World Cruising Club USA base, for the 45th edition of the Annapolis Sailboat Show.... Click here for more info..

John Rousmaniere, legendary sailor/writer, on 59º North Podcast. 15/07/2014

To anybody that's been near a sailboat, today's guest needs no introduction. John Rousmaniere is a legendary sailor/writer whose been in the... Click here for more info..

‘Hiiiiii HOOHHH!’ ARC Europe Fleet is Azores Bound. 14/05/2014

‘Hiiiiii HOOHHH!’ ARC Europe Fleet is Azores Boundby Andy Schell, YellowshirtClick here to go to the Gallery page to view all the photos... Click here for more info..

Gosling's Rum Kicks Off Prizegiving & Fish Fry in Bermuda. 12/05/2014

Malcolm Gosling, 8th-generation of the famed Gosling family here on Bermuda, kicked off last evening’s festivities at the St. Georges Dinghy... Click here for more info..

A Luau in Bermuda as ARC USA celebrates in Florida!. 11/05/2014

All the boats have arrived in Bermuda now who took the startling line in the BVI and Portsmouth, VA. Kalimba was the last to arrive last... Click here for more info..

Full on in Bermuda & First Arrivals in the USA. 10/05/2014

The action started just after sunrise this morning in St. Georges, and has continued right through this evening. The BVI fleet enjoyed... Click here for more info..

And the arrivals begin in Bermuda.... 08/05/2014

It's Day 4 for the ARC Europe Yellowshirt team in Bermuda, but things are just getting started. While it seems like ages ago that the first... Click here for more info..

The Milk Run Home: ARC USA in the Old Bahama Channel. 06/05/2014

Milk run. That’s the idea anyway. For the boats in ARC USA, the Old Bahama Channel passage is the long way home – 1,000 miles to Ft.... Click here for more info..