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Former USCG Rescue Swimmer on Offshore Safety. 31/10/2014

Mario Vittone, former USCG Rescue swimmer, spoke to the Caribbean 1500 rally this morning for a morning safety seminar prior to Sunday's planned departure from Portsmouth, VA. Below are some highlights of his hour-long talk.“Every incident offshore could have been prevented before they ever left the dock. It’s all about preparation. Even in bad weather, it’s the preparation that will determine the outcome.”The five rules of boating:1. Keep the water on the outside of the boat2. Keep the bad stuff inside the boat (oil, etc).3. Keep the boat from catching fire or blowing up.4. Keep everyone on the boat, on the boat.5. If any of that stuff goes wrong, call us!“Sailors get into trouble primarily for this – the failure to recognize when they’re in trouble.”On Calling a ‘MayDay’“You don’t have... Click here for more info..

LIVE Seminar: Mentally Preparing for the 1500. 31/10/2014

Andy Schell talks about common anxieties and what's worth worrying over - mission critical systems like the hull, rig and sails and crew... Click here for more info..

Podcast: Offshore Weather. 26/10/2014

Click here for the direct download link.Andy discusses his way of getting and interpreting weather forecasts offshore, and why he thinks... Click here for more info..

Podcast Andy Schell & NPR's Scott Neuman Talk Sailing Books. 07/10/2014

NPR's Scott Neuman chats with Andy about their favorite books that they'd bring along to a desert island or on a long offshore passage. They... Click here for more info..

Podcast: Master Rigger Brion Toss. 01/10/2014

This is a must-listen for anyone thinking of going offshore sailing. Brion Toss, a guru of yacht rigging, talks about all sorts of technical... Click here for more info..

Podcast: Crossing Oceans with Kids. 19/09/2014

David & Isabelle share their classic story of a ten-year dream-turned-reality to take their kids cruising. A French-Canadian couple from... Click here for more info..

Matt Rutherford Podcast, Landfall in Japan. 22/07/2014

Regular guest & sailing legend Matt Rutherford is back on the podcast to discuss his recent landfall in Japan, climbing Mt. Fuji, making... Click here for more info..

Cruising Lessons from Ocean Racers. 15/07/2014

by Andy Schell350 NW of Bermuda...'Sleijride' is nearly halfway back to Newport on the return delivery following the Bermuda Race last week.... Click here for more info..

59º North Podcast: Mentally Preparing to go Offshore. 12/06/2014

Welcome back! This week is a seminar Andy recorded at the Cruiser's University in Annapolis during the Spring Sailboat Show. People talk... Click here for more info..

Paul & Sheryl Shard of 'Distant Shores TV' on the 59º North podcast. 14/05/2014

Carib 1500 event manager Andy Schell chatted with Paul & Sheryl Shard of the popular Distant Shores TV series from Bermuda. The Shard's... Click here for more info..

59º North Sailing Podcast with Farr Yacht Design. 01/05/2014

Episode 23 is Patrick Shaughnessy, President of Farr Yacht Design. Caribbean 1500 event manager Andy Schell spoke to Patrick in his office... Click here for more info..

How the America's Cup came to the Caribbean 1500. 15/04/2014

by Andy Schell2014 will mark the 25th edition of the Caribbean 1500. It’s now officially branded the ARC Caribbean 1500, ostensibly to have... Click here for more info..

An Interview with Weems & Plath. 06/03/2014

Andy Schell sat down with Peter Trogdon, owner of the traditional navigation company Weems & Plath in January in Annapolis. They talked... Click here for more info..

59 Degrees North Podcast: The Ideal Ocean Sailing Yacht, with John Harries. 03/01/2014

John Harries of Attainable Adventure Cruising chatted with Andy to announce news of the 'Adventure 40' ocean sailing yacht. John has many,... Click here for more info..

Why do the Rally?. 20/12/2013

In it’s 27th year, the popularity of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has never been higher. 2013 marked the first-ever ARC+ rally, which saw... Click here for more info..

Caribbean 1500: Lessons Learned from a Challenging Passage. 12/11/2013

Caribbean 1500: Lessons Learned from a Challenging Passageby Andy SchellFive more yachts arrived into Nanny Cay overnight last night,... Click here for more info..

Caribbean 1500 Flare & Liferaft Safety Demonstration. 03/11/2013

Who needs all that equipment anyway!? Never fired a flare before? Never been in a liferaft, at sea or otherwise? Watch this video from the... Click here for more info..

The City of Portsmouth, in the words of Joe Elder, Skipjack Marine. 31/10/2013

by Andy SchellThis is a podcast I recorded for my '59 Degrees North' sailing show. You can subscribe to it and download the rest on iTunes,... Click here for more info..

'Cutter Loose' Epilogue: 2012 Caribbean 1500 & Cruising South. 28/10/2013

This is a fantastic feature from our friends Eric and Pat Fulmer from s/v Cutter Loose, participants in the 2012 edition of the Caribbean... Click here for more info..

The Decision to Depart Early. 11/11/2012

The Decision to Depart Early11 November 2012Steve Black, the Caribbean 1500 rally founder, confirmed that 2012 is the first time in the... Click here for more info..