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Owner John & Joyce Easteal
Design Hallberg Rassy 42F
Length Overall(m) 12m 96 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number 20

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Starblazer - 20/04/2014 – Cruising the beautiful Tuamotus

First an apology for the long silence.  I thought I had written a blogwhen we arrived in Fakarava but the computer thinks otherwise.  Also, happybelated birthday greetings to Phil.  We were a tad busy on the 16th but didthink about you, explanations in the next blog.   The Tuamotus are low lying atolls, typically a string of coral islandsjoined together with coral reefs to enclose a relatively large area ofwater.  There are often only one or two passes inside the reef, oftentortuous though sometimes wide and straight.  What they have in common is astrong current which creates standing wave so you really need to get the tidesright even though the tidal difference at springs is 30 cm!   Fakarava, our first destination in this group of islands, had. read more...


Starblazer - 11/04/2014 – Nobody’s Perfect

There is a Phil Collins track which has just come on the i-pod which states that “Nobody’s perfect all of the time, we are what we are.” So I’ll start with an admission.We are currently in a time zone 10 hours behind UT/GM; on a board by the ship’s clock, which is in UT, it says local time is -10, which makes it -11 for BST. Yesterday I subtracted 11 hours from local time to claim it was 1905 in the UK when I should have added it so it was only 1705 at home, though I did get the day right. Sorry if I confused you all, I blame lack of sleep.The skipper is not perfect, which might come as a surprise to some of you. When I did the midnight log entry I noticed the bright pink post-it note which says ‘FREEZER IS OFF’ stuck up next to the SSB. Yes, the freezer was off, again! That is twice in. read more...


Starblazer - 10/04/2014 – Promise kept?

Currently it is 0605 on Thursday morning, the sun rose about 20 minutes agoand I am sitting in the cockpit with the laptop on a non-slip mat on thetable.In the UK I think it is 1905, so ‘The Archers’ is on Radio 4.I amhopeful that this might reach you before midnight but I can’t remember howto send the blog by Sat phone so that will have to wait until John gets upin a few hours.Once sent, it is moderated by World Cruising Club to makesure it isn’t offensive in any way before it is posted.So I might havefailed in my promise to write this the same day that you read it, unless youread it on where it gets posted almost immediately.Yesterday was frustrating on several fronts.The wind went light and kept changing direction.We put the engine on atabout 1400 and have. read more...


Starblazer - 09/04/2014- Quite a good day

Tuesday had far more positives than negatives! We sailed all day, relatively quickly with the wind just aft of the beam for most of the time. During the night the wind backed and we could only tweak Q (aka Horace the Hydrovane) a little for fear of gybing so we spent several hours sailing in slightly the wrong direction. First thing this morning, when John got up, we changed the sails, dropped the main, put out the poles then pulled out the twin genoas, wing and wing. Now we are sailing in the right direction.The day’s run to noon was an unflattering 134 NM, mainly because of the problems overnight. The wind has also dropped off this morning. We are hoping to make landfall on Fakarava Atoll on Friday.John nearly caught another fish yesterday but it got away! The tuna from Monday evening. read more...


Starblazer - 08/04/2014 – On the move again

First of all, belated Birthday greetings to nephew Ian and great nephew Jack.We stayed overnight in the main anchorage on Ua Pou then went ashore in the morning to find the shops. There were actually two mini supermarkets but one was so well hidden that we only spotted it on our way back down to the harbour. We had a cracking sail to Nuku Hiva, only about 25 miles away, it did make a change from motoring. Taihae bay is large but also deep but we found a suitable spot and set the anchor. The next morning, at low water, we spotted a reef a short distance away though not a problem until we were hit by a severe squall! The reef seemed too close for comfort so we upanchored and motored off to find another suitable spot. We finally dropped the anchor in 12 metres, deeper than we like but we. read more...

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