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Owner John & Joyce Easteal
Design Hallberg Rassy 42F
Length Overall(m) 12m 96 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number 20

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Starblazer - 7/02/2015 - Back to Opua.

Once we had relaunched we set off to return to Opua for more repairs.Our trip down to Whangarei had been rushed, with only one overnight stop, because the weather was expected to deteriorate, so we decided to head back up more slowly.Having been relaunched at midday, it took a while to get the water flowing through the engine (again) and we finally left soon after 1300.It is quite a distance to Whangarei Heads so we decided to anchor in Parua Bay, about 5nM from the entrance, inside Whangarei Harbour.The anchorage was almost deserted, very sheltered and very quiet.Next day we headed off towards Tutukaka Harbour, not far by road but quite a long way by sea.Tutukaka is a popular holiday area though I'm not sure why.There is little infrastructure except a marina, a launching ramp and a very. read more...


Starblazer - 19/01/2015 - A month on the hard

IJust like most sailors back home, Starblazer came out of the water in mid December.There the similarity ends!When the rain stopped the average daytime temperature was in the mid 20s, quite unlike December and January in the UK.We removed the fuel tank though it was too big to go up through the companionway so we strung it up sideways in the saloon.John set about putting new sealant in the gap between the forward end of the keel and the hull while we were held up in slings then tightened the forwardmost keel bolt when the boat was lowered back onto the keel.Christmas Day was spent largely in the cockpit, inside the tent, as the saloon was rather a no-go area though we managed to rig up the TV to watch the 2013 Christmas Edition of Downton Abbey!We are rather late converts, having. read more...


Starblazer - 18/12/2014 - It never rains but it pours (both literally and metaphorically)

Our camping weekend started damp and got steadily wetter throughout Saturday.It actually stopped raining at about 1300 hrs, long enough for us to find a picnic area to eat our pasties and stretch our legs.From there I took over driving, first time behind the wheel since May 2013, first time in an automatic since my Oldsmobile Cutlass in Waseca in 1984! To add to the challenge, we were in a gorge area where the hills and twists and turns were challenging and continuous, especially as the weather deteriorated.My driving can't have been that bad because John managed to doze a little.He claims it was nervous exhaustion.Our first destination was Cape Reinga on the NW tip of New Zealand.It is a very special place for the Maoris, the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea, where. read more...


Starblazer - 10/12/2014 - Whangarei

Our trip south from Opua was interesting. We motorsailed on Sunday as far as Bland Bay, an almost circular bay with good protection from SE through W to NE but with, allegedly, variable holding.Our anchor set instantly and we enjoyed a very peaceful night.The forecast for Tuesday was for a 15-20 knot headwind so we decided to bash on all the way and anchor somewhere inside the Whangarei basin.We had a good sail in a freshening wind until we approached Bream Head where the seas were chaotic and the wind couldn't decide where to blow from.The 'iron tops'l' aka the engine was pressed into service until it cut out.O.K. We thought, the rough seas have stirred up rubbish in the tank, the filter is probably blocked.John had installed a bypass system through another pair of filters for just such. read more...


Starblazer - 1/12/2014 - Our stay in the Bay of Islands

We quickly settled into shore-based life and hired a car for 7 days.This proved to be a bit of a mistake as, apart from a trip to the bank in Paihia to collect our debit cards then onwards to Kerikeri for a quick supermarket shop and SIM cards from Vodafone, we only used the car once more, to source gas refills at a filling station.We had been warned that Calor propane tanks would not be refilled, we had also heard they could be filled if they were pressure tested each time at a cost of NZ€45 each.In the event local knowledge suggested a filling station which might oblige!The next week was busy, with seminars in the afternoons run by the Island Cruising Association, social events in the evening and a few morning trips.The highlight for me was 9 holes of golf on the spectacular Weimata. read more...

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