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BBQ in Direction Island
BBQ in Direction Island 29/09/2014

The crew from Shaya Moya
The crew from Shaya Moya 29/09/2014

Skippers Briefing for Leg 11
Skippers Briefing for Leg 11 28/09/2014

Port Refuge anchorage
Port Refuge anchorage 28/09/2014

American Spirit on Direction Island
American Spirit on Direction Island 28/09/2014

Morning view in Cocos
Morning view in Cocos 27/09/2014

Waiting for the bus on West Island
Waiting for the bus on West Island 27/09/2014

Yellow Fins
Yellow Fins 24/09/2014

Giant Clam
Giant Clam 24/09/2014

Scouts Park on West Island
Scouts Park on West Island 24/09/2014

Some directions on Direction Island
Some directions on Direction Island 22/09/2014

Crews coming ashore for clearances
Crews coming ashore for clearances 22/09/2014

Leave your message in DI
Leave your message in DI 22/09/2014

Nexus on Direction Island
Nexus on Direction Island 22/09/2014

Half of the World ARC fleet in Port Refuge
Half of the World ARC fleet in Port Refuge 22/09/2014

Celebrate and CHIKA Lu on Direction Island
Celebrate and CHIKA Lu on Direction Island 22/09/2014

Cocos Keeling
Cocos Keeling 21/09/2014

Palm Tree in CK
Palm Tree in CK 21/09/2014

Grey Skies in CK
Grey Skies in CK 21/09/2014

BBQ ashore - Frank and Sigi
BBQ ashore - Frank and Sigi 19/09/2014

BBQ ashore
BBQ ashore 19/09/2014