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Scarlet Oyster
Owner Ross Applebey
Design Oyster Lightwave 48
Length Overall(m) 14m 60 cm
Flag GBR
Sail Number GBR 17025

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Scarlet Oyster - blog day 2

Hi All,Been a fairly busy 2 days since we started the ARC2014, the start went well for us and we were chuffed to be the first yacht over the start line! Leopard 3 soon took over the front running however!We enjoyed a fresh run down the side of Gran Canaria, as the wind speed built to over 30 kn in the acceleration zone we elected to get the kite down to save any costly breakages in sight of the start, a few brave crewspersevered with spinnakers however, Xanadu came storming past us, looking under control but well loaded up!The wind shadow came into play we tried to stay to the east of it, but eventually got sucked in just before dark, my thinking was to stay on the East as the wind rotated to the NE and then find our way through whilst being well south of the island, the 0400 positions. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - 10 Dec - Running down the clock! Day 16 on Scarlet

We have managed not to break anything since yesterday’s blog!  That should qualify for a prize of some sort! Weather is pretty good now, strong trades propeller by a high pressure N of us over the NW Atlantic, the boats back to the E will have less wind to play with.  We got on the runner for a few hours yesterday, pretty full on with upto 30knots at times, managed a couple of 40mile 4hr runs, this has helped make our lead look more secure, with some dodgy cloud around and forecast, we decided to run on white sails overnight, as it happened there were no big squalls, but the wind held in at 25kn, so the poled out jib was just fine. Having had an expensive month with the boat, damage limitation is the name of the game!  I have a rather elaborate spreadsheet that I. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - 09 Dec - Big blue is no more ;-( Day 15 on Scarlet

Again apologies for lack of blogs, not sure where the time goes!Since I last wrote we had a wind hole to negotiate, being further down the track than the rest of your class does have drawbacks it seems, we had 2 choices N or S of the calm, the S optioned looked favourable to us, but those behind would not be able to follow, if we had tried to get N it would have been more distance, and an early park up, but the wind would re-establish quicker. If we could get S far enough it seemed there was no complete park up, but the strong NE wind would take longer to reach us.We chose S, and it was looking quite promising till the wind dropped out earlier than anticipated!The night of the 5th was pretty frustrating with between 2 and 5 knots of wind, we had to sail either almost due S or NW, as in. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Normal service is resumed! Day 11 on Scarlet

Will be a short one this time (I promise!)Last couple of days have been almost like something from a sailing brochure! Steady 15-18knots directly behind with blue skies and no rain, these winds closely resemble the mythical 'Trade Winds' that you sometimes hear about!Perfect sailing then?Well nearly!Having had a night of 20knots plus wind with the monster kite up a few nights ago, we have developed a sort of taste for the 'powered up' feel!, the gentle rolling along at 8knots av speed without the sensation it is all going to end in tears imminently is frankly a bit boring!Also this is not helped that a couple of boats coming down from the N have been 'enjoying' (or perhaps enduring!) our now preferred 'powered up' mode for 2 days while we have been cruising along.We have kept them at. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Milestone day Day 9 on Scarlet

Yesterday was something of a day of milestones, 1000nm taken off the total distance, 1 full week at sea, wind finally switching to a more appropriate angle, last tack of the race (hopefully!), oh and breaking a steering cable for the first time!Sunday started quite uncomfortably as we continued to bash upwind in a NW direction, trying to gain position for the next few days of downwind sailing in good breeze.Through the night we had squalls with up tom 38knots in them, Scarlet confidently strode on upwind under no.4 jib and 1 reefed main, both these sails are from the 1st suit of racing sails the boat had back in 1988, I am amazed they are not only still in one piece but actually quite fast still!The guys onboard were pleased to have Scarlet as our steed as she took all the punishment in. read more...

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