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Tour to Litchfield National Park

Tour to Litchfield National Park

30 August 2012

The tour to the Litchfield National Park ran today with 28 World ARC participants. The rushing waters and rugged vistas thatFlorence Falls made life difficult for the early miners, loggers, and graziers now provide a focus for the Park and a highlight for visitors. Participants had the opportunity to swim in the pools and waterfalls or relax and explore the National Park that covers an area of approximately 1,500 square kilometres.

After the coffee stop during the morning the tour headed to the site of the magnetic termite mounds, only a few kilometers after the Park entrance. The mounds themselves are interesting to look at due to their unusual shape, but reading the displays and how the compass termites manage to align their mounds so accurately is even more fascinating.

The next stop was Florence Falls. To get to the plunge pool  participants either  descended over 160 steps or went though the Shady Creek Walk. It's a lovely short walk, first through open woodland, then descending into dense monsoon forest and following the creek all the way to the pool.

The Rockholes are a series of rapids, small waterfalls and small pools. Good fun! - rock slides, ledges to jump off, whirlpools and spas.

Wongi Falls is the last of the big falls along the main road and it’s the number one attraction in the Litchfield National Park.

The remainder of the World ARC particpiants will be heading to Litchifield Park tomorrow.

This evening all the crews gathered in the nearby Dinah Beach Yacht Club for some drinks, nibbles and some prizes for the leg from Thursday Island. Everyone is now talking about their plans for exploring Darwin over the next few days in the run up to the start to Bali next Wednesday.

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