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Samsara - Reasons for looking forward to French Polynesia

March 11

We have been at sea for 7 days now - not quite 1/2 there. We were discussing what we are looking forward to in French Polynesia and Lee said he wants to see the Marquesas - as a CSN fan (after all he named his dog Crosby). Sam says she wants to see places with history. Sarah said she wants beautiful pearls and beautiful beaches (my thoughts exactly!). We "think" at this point we'll like the Tuamotus and Society Islands more than the Marquesas but we won't know til we get there. We are still sailing with a double reefed main and partially furled genoa, so we aren't going as fast as I'd like to but it's the safest course given the rudder issue.

Last night we had a lot of flying fish land on the deck - we must have pulled 15 off this morning. Today we saw a ship - it's the first ship we've seen since the day after we left Galapagos. We know there are rally boats within 30-50 miles even though we can't see them, but today is the first time in days that we have seen another ship.

1760 miles to go,


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