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Ngahue IV - Ngahue IV - Of farmers and sailors

Farmers have a reputation of never being happy. The weather is either too dry, to wet, too cold or too hot. And having a good crop is useless if all other farmers have good crops too, because abundance pushes market prices down. Then again, a poor crop will cause shortages and push up prices. But if you don't have an abundance of produce available to take full advantage of the higher pices, what use are they to you?
On Ngahue IV we are currently feeling a little "farmerish". After 2-3 days of no useful wind and needing to motor, we are now getting a fair whack of the stuff. But it is on our port quarter, just like the growing seas that the wind is throwing up at the boat. We're rolling quite heavily and life on board is not comfortable. Mutter, mutter! But we need to grin and bear it as at least we are making a reasonably decent speed. And judging by my grib charts, this won't last beyond Wednesday afternoon when we need to have found calmer waters again...
Our AIS is showing a new kid on the block: a French superyacht (she's 38 meters long) called RARA AVIS; a kind of strange name we think. As our CPA is approx. 9 miles, we won't see her - unfortunately.


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