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Ngahue IV - Not so alone after all

It's just past midnight - boat time - and I've put all ghosts safely back to bed again. Time for the dog-watch crew to look back on what is now yesterday. Lo and behold, our AIS screen is getting quite crowded, and having thought that Ngahue IV was the last of the ARC fleet it now appears that there are several other boats contending for this place. Earlier on in the evening, we decided to gybe northwards where the stronger wind was going to be somewhat sooner. Well, I can divulge, on very good authority, that the Weather Family is quite illiterate. So how do I justify this unexpected bombshell??? Easy, peasy: they can't read the weather forecasts!!!! They're probably also quite ignorant about Grib files and the meaning of all those nice little arrows... And so the mariner, sailor, crew just has to grin and bear what the Weather Family come up with.

Other than that, a very quiet night at sea, and currently wondering when we'll make it to Horta: before or after the rest of the ARC fleet leave early June.

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