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Lexington - Captain Bob: 10/14/2017. 10*. 29' south. 62*37' east.

This post is written on 10/14/2017. We are without satellite again so it will be sent in a few days when we get to Mauritius.

We are 300 miles from Mauritius and it is 07:00. We will get there in two days if all goes well.

We have had very pleasant days of comfortable sailing.

I have been reading which is uncommon for me. There is not that much else to do. I am reading CHE GUEVARA, A REVOLUTIONARY LIFE. It is sort of a long , detailed and complicated book with lots of names and places that I am not familiar with. I would love to have a big map of Cuba and Latin America in front of me as I read. It always amazes me how complicated and strategized some people's lives can be compared to mine. I worked on the family farm, went to school and became a doctor because my mother told me I always wanted to be a doctor. I can not remember ever having a true strategy to accomplish anything. I never planned to out maneuver anyone for anything. I just went along ignorant as bliss. Che Guevara leaves a moderately comfortable setting in Argentina to fight a war in the jungles of Cuba to liberate oppressed peasants. Simon Bolivar was well educated and from a wealthy family. He set out to cure the evils of Latin American and became president of several countries before dying of tuberculosis. Where do these people get their skills to attract followers? Where do they develop the outlandish goals that would seem impossible and unthinkable to the average person? I am big on genetics these days. There are genes that make people pathologically friendly, that is they can not distinguish who is bad and who is good. There are genes that make some wolves more friendly and some dogs more friendly. I bet there are genes that make some people more daring and blind to challenges that would stifle most people. Definitely there must be some nature and nurture factor but I favour more nature. The parents of the valedictorian and the juvenile delinquent both say "we did everything we could to provide a good home".

Now for humour, you know the seas are rough when you wear your tether in the head! All kidding aside there is a hand rail across from the head on this boat.

I hope all is well with all that read this blog. The only trouble is that if you are reading this blog you are not right and need a few more windows in your cabin.

May fair winds fill your sails with enough windows in your cabin!?



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