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Lexington - Captain Bob: 10/9/2017. 17*. 26' south. 075*. 18'. east

This is written on 10/9/2017 to be sent later

Our weather is moderating a little. Most of today we have had 15-18 knots of wind and 4-8 foot seas. We have some high cirrus clouds and some scattered small cumulus clouds which probably mean we are entering a high pressure system. We have no email so I do not have weather charts to see if I am right.

We are sailing along now with a wing on wing configuration ( fore sail attached to a pole on the port side and the main sail on the starboard side) which gives us good speed. We can not do twin head sails because we damaged one foresail.

For the past few days we have done a trivia game with surrounding boats that are in easy radio range. It is fun and interesting. We have been making a list of questions to have when it is our turn to ask the questions. It is almost as much fun to try to make up good questions as to ask them. We try to vary the subjects and make it somewhat international. I think there is a running score and a few beers wagered on the total.

I have also been studying my SSB radio manual to try to remember all I have forgotten. I have not been able to connect to a shore station to do email. I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

May fair winds fill your sails with good trivia answers


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