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ARC_StLucia_Arrival_Woifal 09/12/2016

ARC+16_Arrival_StLucia_FleetII 09/12/2016

ARC+16_Arrival_StLucia_Allegra 09/12/2016

ARC+16_StLucia_Arrival_Monterey 09/12/2016

ARC+16_StLucia_Arrival_Orion 09/12/2016

ARC Yacht Lintu arrives
ARC Yacht Lintu arrives 07/12/2016

Orso arrival into Rodney Bay
Orso arrival into Rodney Bay 07/12/2016

Arrival of Meteorite
Arrival of Meteorite 06/12/2016

ARC arrival Iemanja
ARC arrival Iemanja 06/12/2016

Ludanka - gone!
Ludanka - gone! 06/12/2016

Ludanka - Steady....
Ludanka - Steady.... 06/12/2016

Ludanka - Ready
Ludanka - Ready 06/12/2016

Welcome to Saint Lucia Kristina Crew
Welcome to Saint Lucia Kristina Crew 06/12/2016

Arrival of Gracious
Arrival of Gracious 06/12/2016

Beach BBQ
Beach BBQ 06/12/2016

Beach BBQ
Beach BBQ 06/12/2016

Meteorite greeted with rum punch
Meteorite greeted with rum punch 05/12/2016

Arrival of ARC yacht Meteorite
Arrival of ARC yacht Meteorite 05/12/2016

Arrival of ARC Yacht Anna
Arrival of ARC Yacht Anna 05/12/2016

Arrival of ARC Yacht Talanta
Arrival of ARC Yacht Talanta 05/12/2016

Arrival of ARC Yacht Anna
Arrival of ARC Yacht Anna 05/12/2016