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Cleone - Leg 4 Day 4 - Rain but no Wind

It rained stair-rods last night*, but STILL there is no wind to speak of!
Much of the chit-chat this morning on the Roll Call was to do with the weather.  Our thanks go to everyone who contributed to the debate - to Asolare, always generous with information and tailored advice, to Southern Princess, the net controller on a partiucularly difficult day, to Viva for her contribution, and as always to Quasar. And all this is underpinned by our very own router, the ever ready and willing John Dyer, whose help in technical matters over the last few weeks has been deeply appreciated, and whose special weather-routeing service for Cleone has so far gone publicly unacknowledged.  So John, a big thank you, hopfully this time spelt out on the Website!
The distillation of all of this is that we have just started to dive south, on a course of about 194T.  Hopefully this will take us quickly below 05S and on to 06S, where it seems the Trades are just becoming established.  You will hear more about the success of this manoeuvre tomorrow....
Meanwhile, we have tried to sail (2 knots through the water) but mainly we continue to burn diesel in a rather alarming fashion.  Once more, the Skipper is glad he obeyed his instincts and traded the old faithful but thirst Volvo for the wonderful new Yanmar.
All well and all the best,
James, Chris & Elizabeth
Yacht Cleone
At sea
04.56S 097.20W - and heading further south at 5 knots
*This time, luckily, the Skipper was in his bunk and missed it!

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