World ARC Rally – Update 6 27 March

27 March 2020

The yachts of World ARC 2020/21 continue to steadily make landfall in Nuku Hiva and Tahiti, with their arrivals coordinated by the La Direction polynésienne des affaires maritimes (DPAM) together with JRCC Tahiti.

Thirteen yachts have reached port: Cloud Shadow, Deo Juvante, Influencer, Jan, Laura IV, Maximilian, Sapphire II of London, Saorsa, and Sea Lover are in Nuku Hiva, due to be joined shortly by Aurora. Following a brief stop to re-provision, Libeccio are now making their way to Hawaii. Milanto has stopped on the island of Hiva Oa.

Meanwhile the first two arrivals in Tahiti, Sana and Skyelark of London, have cleared in and crews are preparing for their flights out of French Polynesia. Try II Fly and Ariel are due in later today, 27th March. Crews will then begin to make their way to their home countries, with their repatriation coordinated by the High Commission of French Polynesia as the global travel restrictions continue to tighten.

For yachts still at sea, health and spirits are good as they make their way to the islands. Conditions are “warm and windless” as reported by Next Step, and menus are becoming creative using the selection of tinned food on board.

Numerous authorities, agents and the World Cruising Club team continue to work together to coordinate the arrival of all the yachts under the challenging circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Detailed updates are being provided to the boats at sea with the provision of suitable mooring facilities and the repatriation of crews the ongoing focus for all involved.