World ARC 2019-20 complete the Circumnavigation

24 March 2020

After 15 months, 19 countries, more than 30000 miles, you have finally done it, you are back where everything started, what an incredible achievement for all of you!

For many of you is a dream of a lifetime that comes true, an incredible cultural experience and also a great nautical challenge.

“As we near the end of this, with 35000 miles on the log it will be quite a change to be back home, especially with this horrible world pandemic. We met so many cool people, saw so many places, had so many adventures” 

Linda - SY Alora


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we were forced to cancel the last leg to St Lucia and the events organized there and in Grenada, but we managed to organize a last event, a Welcome Cocktail that was also the chance for a reunion with the World ARC 2018-19 yachts in the area, Peter and Anissa from Caliisto and Bones and Anna from Emily Morgan.


In the last days we delivered the Circumnavigation Certificates yacht by yacht, and said farewell to the skippers and participants that have been part of a big family for 15 months; at World Cruising Club we are all very proud of you and pleased to be part of this great adventure.


 We hope to see you again somewhere, someday.