Goodbye Vanuatu! Hello Coral Sea!

20 July 2017

Thank you to the Yachting World Marina for hosting a very special stay in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The World ARC fleet set off this morning at 10:00 am for Leg 7, destination Mackay, Australia. Vanuatu is an island paradise and the picture perfect setting did not disappoint this morning. Sea turtles even came to bid farewell to the fleet! As the boats headed to the start, the Skippers and crew were creative in "finding wind" as the breeze was a gentle 4 knots from the north west.

Congratulations to Dug, Val and Lou on Tulla Mhor as she was the first boat to sail across the start line. Sergey and Andrey on Arabela were second to sail across, cornering the red buoy. Steven and Anita from Timshel edged just in front of Lexington to secure the third place spot. In a display of true kindness and seamanship, Cesarina waited while Ain't Fancy completed repairs and they both joined the fleet just minutes after the official start.

Waves and cheers were exchanged from the fleet and nine participants on the Committee vessels. Moses, the Yachting World Harbourmaster, and Willie his right hand man, took the cheering team out to the start line. Ros and Howard from Misto will leave the fleet here in Vanuatu and rejoin next year. After sailing from Fiji to Vanuatu on Lexington,Terry and Ben were able to see the race start with Rally Control before flying home to America.

Fourteen boats gently sailed into the distance to say goodbye to the South Pacific and begin the 1200 nautical mile trip across the Coral Sea to Mackay, Australia, the land of kangaroos and koala bears.