World ARC Gift Ceremony in Tanna

14 July 2017

What a wonderful day in Port Resolution! On Thursday morning the World ARC fleet gathered at Port Resolution Yacht Club and took a short stroll into the local village to visit the Primary School. Even before the school was in sight, the glorious sounds of children singing rang through the air. Thomas, the headmaster, welcomed the fleet sharing his vision for the school and providing an update on recent improvements that had been made possible by World ARC participants from previous years. This year, participants brought piles of supplies for the children and teachers-including backpacks, notebooks, pencils, crayons, office supplies and 8 laptops! It was a touching exchange.


At noon, the fleet participated in a formal gift exchange ceremony which began with traditional singing and dancing. The villagers then distributed hand woven hats, necklaces and fresh coconut water to all participants. Each skipper introduced their crew and shared what country they have come from and presented their gifts. In return, the villagers gave each boat a beautiful basket filled with locally grown fruits and vegetables. 


The day wrapped up with a bountiful feast at the Port Resolution Yacht Club. The fleet will now sail to Dillion`s Bay in Erromango Island before arriving in Port Vila on the main island of Efate.