World ARC reaches Mackay

23 July 2014

Soon the first yachts in the World ARC fleet will make landfall in Mackay, Australia, a significant achievement not only as it marks the end of the Pacific legs but also the halfway point of the whole World ARC rally route!

Mackay is a delightful town on the east coast of Australia about halfway between Brisbane and Cairns and is ideally located at the gateway to the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. Here the fleet will be staying at the Mackay Marina Village and after many of the remote places the World ARC visits in the Pacific, Mackay will remind participants they are back in the developed world with its large shopping malls and excellent supermarkets.


Mackay is on the World ARC route as it is the perfect place to make Australian clearances, explore dramatic Australian landscapes and provision in anticipation of a free cruising period in the Whitsundays.


For many yachts this will be their first visit to Australia and World ARC have planned a number of events to make it a memorable one. A friendly Aussie welcome party co-hosted by Mackay Tourist Board and Mackay Marina Village, a talk with local cruising experts to get advice on the best spots to visit as they sail up the Australian coast over the next few weeks and an all-day tour exploring the surrounding areas of Mackay including historic homesteads and the stunning forests of Eungella National Park where participants will get the chance of see a platypus in the wild.