Corsair - A friend wrote this to me

I thought this might be worth publishing

Tribute to Lane.

Upon a small sailboat, afloat for days, thirty in count,
Beneath the sun's golden gaze and the moon's silver mount,
In the vast sea's embrace, where dreams and waves interlace,
Here, I journey, I chase, in this endless water-space.

With compass and chart, I hone navigation's fine art,
Under stars so apart, I learn the ocean's heart.
Fishing rod in hand, I seek the bounty of the land,
In this expanse so grand, life's simpler demands stand.

Pages turn, stories unfold, in books both new and old,
Tales of brave, tales of bold, in the sea's untold cold.
Ink flows, words spread, on paper, my journey's thread,
A diary of where I've tread, by the winds gently led.

Through the lens, moments caught, in the sea's wide, wide thought,
Memories, dearly bought, in solitude and quiet fought.
A stove's gentle flame, in a world that's never the same,
Cooking, a simple game, in the vastness, I claim.

Stars twinkle in the night, a sailor's ancient light,
Guiding through the darkest plight, with their glow so bright.
Hands work, sails fix, in the rhythm of the sea's tricks,
In this home made of sticks, every moment intermix.

Yoga on a deck so small, beneath the sky so tall,
In this moment, I fall into the sea's gentle call.
Crafts of hand and heart, in this journey, play a part,
In the vast ocean's chart, they're my quiet art.

Words in languages new, whispered under the sky's hue,
In the sea's endless blue, every day is a debut.
Mind calm, body still, in the sea's own silent thrill,
In the vastness, I fill my soul's unquenchable will.

On social waves, I ride, my journey, I confide,
To those on land, wide, where dreams and reality collide.
Birds soar, fish dive, in this vast marine archive,
In their dance, I thrive, feeling utterly alive.

Swimming in the azure deep, where secrets lie asleep,
In this blue, vast sweep, memories to keep.
Thirty days on a wave, in this journey brave,
This ocean, I crave, my heart, the sea did save.

In this boat, my world, with sails gently unfurled,
In the sea's pages, twirled, a story, beautifully pearled.