Mistral of Portsmouth - Getting to the San Blas Archipelago

As planned, we crossed the finishing line at very close to 7am, our estimated ETA … Chris and Tim very happy.  I can’t help feeling that we are not acting totally in the spirit of the competition! We slowed down through the night to make sure we got to the islands after sunrise and by some miracle, the line appeared when we hoped it might!


Another hour or so later we approached East Hollandaise Cays - the most eastward of the islands (there are 378). We anchored in an open lagoon area surrounded by idyllic paradise islands - each one with reefs and the most beautiful blue/aquamarine/turquoise seas. We are in paradise. 


After sleeping and recovering from our passage, we spent the afternoon exploring the island in the tender. We found a shack selling beer for $2 a can … very special drinking under the palm trees viewing the bay where several of our ARC friends are also at anchor.  




Dinner was a special celebration for the end of leg 2 … fresh mahi-mahi (the fish we caught!) with 2 bottles of Whispering Angel. More deliciousness! And finally to bed … for the best night’s sleep in a long time. 

Karen, Chris, Tim & Jane