Maroro - Leg 2, Day 2 Morning

Big wind and big seas welcomed us yesterday as the fleet left Santa Marta. Such a pretty day to sail! We had an uneventful, quiet afternoon, settling into the rhythm of cruising mode. We are purposefully sailing conservatively and relatively slowly…aiming to make it to our destination in daylight the morning of Day 3.

We were treated to a spectacular sunset, the fiery ball of a Sun plopped ever so quietly over the horizon, leaving a pink stained sky behind it. The moon soon followed the path forged by the sun, this time just a sliver of light. Imanol was treated to a shooting star in the middle of the night.

At 4 am (just when Annie arrived for her night shift) the autopilot decided not to work… it wasn’t until Simon came back to the wheel at 7am that it decided to fire back up.

Ander, Jokin and Kai are now focused on some math homework…and we glide onward towards San Blas Islands!