Next Step - 15th to 18th April 2020 - From Tahiti

The week has been fairly uneventful as we await further news on the lockdown and restrictions in Tahiti. On the 15th whilst I was sorting out the camping gaz refills and the next two weeks mooring fees with the marina office, Jeremy and Nicole went on board Celtic Star for a trip down to Marina Taina to refuel. On the following day we all went down to Marina Taina with Pete an Australian single handed guy who is also in our marina to help him refuel his yacht. The trip out made a great change from being stuck in Marina de Papeete. We had some good news on Thursday, it looks like we will be able to buy a limited amount of beer and wine from next Monday. It has also been announced on the local news that all of French Polynesia, except for Tahiti and Moorea will have some of its restrictions lifted from the 20th April, which is great news. Lets hope that Tahiti and Moorea will follow on the 29th April! Life here goes on as normalÂ….